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taraloka retreat centre

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Padmasambhava Mantra 2Taraloka Community202102/02/2021
Padmasambhava Skull Garland MantraTaraloka Community202107/05/2021
Pandaravasini and the Discriminating WisdomMaitrivajri201630/04/2021
Path As Symbol: Meditation As Personal JourneySinghashri201707/10/2017
The Path of the Buddha's DelightSamantabhadri200909/06/2009
Peace Is a FireSinghamati201505/04/2016
Peace Is a FireSujayini201505/04/2016
Positive Precepts Metta BhavanaVajrasakhi202107/05/2021
The Possibility Of PracticeAmaragita201528/09/2015
Prajnaparamita MantraTaraloka Community202102/02/2021
The Preciousness of This BodySamantabhadri201605/04/2016
Preciousness of This Human BodySamantabhadri201504/01/2016