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taraloka retreat centre

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Impermanence of This BodyPunyamala201522/12/2015
Impermanence of This BodyKhemasuri201604/04/2016
Insight Into Dukkha_Metta and Insight Retreat 2015Dayajoti201506/04/2016
An Interview with RatnasuriVarious speakers201903/10/2019
Introducing Ethics: Resonating with RealityMaitrisiddhi201804/09/2018
Introducing the Brahma ViharasRatnavandana201903/10/2019
Introducing the Form of the Heart SutraHridayagita201721/03/2018
Introduction and Overview of the Satipatthana SuttaVidyamala201926/09/2019
Introduction to Breathing PhysiologyVidyamala201926/09/2019
Introduction to Broad Awareness and Led MeditationPrasadavati201926/09/2019
Introduction to Citta and Dhyana with Guided MeditationVidyamala201926/09/2019
Introduction to Dhammas and Guided MeditationPrasadavati201927/09/2019
Introduction to MettaSinghamati201708/03/2017
Introduction to Metta with Dharmas As ReferenceMaitridevi201830/08/2018
Introduction to Metta with No ReferenceDayajoti201830/08/2018
Introduction to Tonglen RetreatSaddhanandi201422/03/2014
Introduction to VedanaVidyamala201926/09/2019