Perfect work comes from the unification of pure wisdom and pure deeds

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taraloka retreat centre

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Radiating Metta - Guided Walking MeditationMaitridevi202017/07/2020
Recollecting the Consequences of Ones ActionsHridayagita201604/04/2016
Reflecting On the Life of the BuddhaSaddhanandi201025/03/2010
Reflection on the Blue SkyKulaprabha200605/02/2009
Reflection on the Eight FreedomsKulaprabha200827/06/2008
Reflection on the Five SkandhasKulaprabha200617/05/2008
Reflection on the Ten EndowmentsKulaprabha200827/06/2008
Reflection on Vasubandhu's Four FactorsDhammadassin200830/09/2009
Reflections on the ElementsKulaprabha200605/02/2009
Refuges and PreceptsTaraloka Community202102/02/2021
Renunciation - Tasting FreedomSaddhanandi200909/06/2009
Report From the Second International Triratna Council Meeting, 2013Sucimani201318/06/2013
Resistance As Dukkha_Metta and Insight Retreat 2015Saddhanandi201506/04/2016
Retreat Overview - the 3 Aspects of MettaDayajoti201830/08/2018
Ritual, A Path to Truth and Self TranscendenceSamantabhadri201604/04/2016
Royal Ease Mudra_Metta and Insight Retreat 2015Saddhanandi201506/04/2016