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padmaloka retreat centre

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
The Sangha VandanaPadmavajra201802/07/2018
The Sea As Spiritual DeathArthabandhu201222/07/2012
The Search For RefugePadmavajra200920/05/2010
Seeing the Buddha - An Exploration of Aloka's RupaMaitreyabandhu201208/05/2012
Seeing with Insight - Dhammapada Verses 277 to 279Padmavajra200723/03/2009
Seizing Hold of The Jewel of The BodhicittaPadmavajra201221/02/2012
The Seven C's of FriendshipPramudita201007/02/2010
Shakyamuni Visualization - Led MeditationSatyaraja202010/05/2020
Shining the Light of Tara - Inspiration From Dhardo Rimpoche For These Fearful TimesPadmavajra202003/04/2020
The Shorter Sukhavativyuha SutraRatnaguna201530/05/2015
Shraddha - Part 1Saddharaja201726/06/2017
Shraddha - Part 2Saddharaja201701/07/2017
Shraddha - Part 3Saddharaja201701/07/2017
Sickness, Great Compassion and The Inconceivable EmancipationPadmavajra201510/05/2015
The Six Distinctive Emphases of the FWBO: Ecumenical and UnifiedManjuvajra200224/03/2008
The Skull and the Elixir of LifeSuriyavamsa201409/03/2015
The Sound of RealityPadmavajra200501/04/2008
Spiritual Death - Spiritual RebirthPadmavajra201308/01/2014
Spiritual Death and Rebirth, a New Perspective On the Dharma NiyamaSubhuti201002/04/2010
Spiritual FriendshipPadmavajra201120/09/2011
Stirring the DepthsVadanya201409/03/2015
Supreme GivingPrasadacarin201829/04/2018
The Supreme MedicinePadmasagara201711/12/2017
Sutra of Golden Light - ConfessionPadmavajra201501/08/2015
Sutra of Golden Light - Part 1Vadanya200926/01/2011
Sutra of Golden Light - Part 2Padmavajra200926/01/2011
Sutra of Golden Light - The Bodhisattva DreamPadmavajra201529/07/2015
Sutra of Golden Light - The Four Great KingsPadmavajra201531/07/2015
Sutra of Golden Light Retreat 2 Talk 1Padmavajra201508/11/2015
Sutra of Golden Light Retreat 2 Talk 2Padmavajra201508/11/2015
Sutra of Golden Light Retreat 2 Talk 3Padmavajra201508/11/2015
The Sutra On the Visualisation of Buddha AmitayusRatnaguna201525/07/2015
The System of Practice - Meditation WorkshopsMaitreyabandhu201626/08/2017