Listening to the Dharma is the beginning of all...

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padmaloka retreat centre

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Radiate LoveParaga201907/04/2019
Radiate LoveDharmadipa202105/04/2021
Ratnagunasamcayagatha SeminarPadmavajra201620/08/2017
Rechungpa's Unusuall Faith - Milarepa Talk 3Paramartha201127/01/2011
Reflecting On the Satipatthana SuttaSubhuti201002/04/2010
Reflections On the Benefits of Being In the OrderParaga201620/07/2016
Reflections On the Bodhicitta and 6 ParamitasPadmavajra201705/04/2017
The Refuge Tree As a Vision of ExistencePadmasagara201910/03/2019
The Refuge Tree As An ImagePadmasagara201910/03/2019
Renunciation - Milarepa Talk 2Manjuvajra201127/01/2011
Reverencing the GuruPadmavajra202006/11/2020
Revering And Relying Upon The DharmaSaddhaloka201107/05/2011
The River of FireJnanavaca200801/05/2008
The Roots of the Refuge TreePadmasagara201910/03/2019