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padmaloka retreat centre

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Face To Face With RealityVadanya201119/09/2011
Faith and ShamePadmasagara201711/12/2017
Faith and ShameDharmadipa201627/03/2017
Fearless Creativity: The Bodhisattva WarriorPadmavajra202005/03/2020
Fearless Love-A Personal TalkAryadasa201906/01/2020
Fearless Love-A Personal TalkJoris Depouillon201906/01/2020
A Feast of Happiness For the Caravan of Famished Beings - Bodhicaryavatara Talk 3Padmavajra202025/04/2020
Fifteen Points for FriendshipParamabandhu200128/08/2008
Fighting the Fivefold FearVadanya201305/07/2013
Finding a Precious Jewel In A Heap of RefusePadmavajra201121/02/2012
Finding FreedomAmalaketu201207/06/2012
First LovePadmavajra200524/03/2008
The Five Aspects of Dharma Life - Applying the Five Aspects In Daily LifeSubhuti201320/06/2013
The Five Aspects of Dharma Life - IntegrationSubhuti201304/06/2013
The Five Aspects of Dharma Life - Positive EmotionSubhuti201307/06/2013
The Five Aspects of Dharma Life - Questions and AnswersSubhuti201307/06/2013
The Five Aspects of Dharma Life - Spiritual DeathSubhuti201311/06/2013
The Five Aspects of Dharma Life - Spiritual RebirthSubhuti201320/06/2013
The Five Aspects of Dharma Life - Spiritual ReceptivitySubhuti201311/06/2013
The Five Aspects of Dharma Life - The Higher ContextSubhuti201301/06/2013
The Five Aspects of Dharma Life - The Motive Force of Dharma LifeSubhuti201302/06/2013
Flowers - Dhammapada Verses 44 to 59Padmavajra200723/03/2009
Focus On Dharma NiyamaAbhaya201315/02/2013
For Heroic Spirits IntendedAlokadhara201502/08/2015
For Heroic Spirits Intended-Talk FourRatnaguna201812/07/2018
For Heroic Spirits Intended-Talk OneRatnaguna201812/07/2018
For Heroic Spirits Intended-Talk ThreeRatnaguna201812/07/2018
For Heroic Spirits Intended-Talk TwoRatnaguna201812/07/2018
For Heroic Spirits Intended-Translating Sanskrit TextsShraddhapa201812/07/2018
For the Attainment of EnlightenmentSatyaraja201721/08/2017
For the Attainment of Enlightenment & For the Benefit of All BeingsPadmavajra200224/03/2008
For the Attainment of Enlightenment I Accept This OrdinationPadmasagara201827/01/2018
For the Benefit of All BeingsPadmasagara201721/08/2017
For the Benefit of All Beings I Accept This OrdinationParaga201827/01/2018
The Four Acceptance VowsPadmavajra201414/03/2015
The Four Ordination Vows - 1. With Loyalty to My TeachersPadmavajra200923/11/2009
The Four Ordination Vows - 2. In Harmony with Friends and BretherenSaddhaloka200923/11/2009
The Four Ordination Vows - 3. For the Attainment of EnlightenmentDharmadipa200923/11/2009
The Four Ordination Vows - 4. For the Benefit of All BeingsSurata200923/11/2009
Four Precepts For Aspiring 21st Century BodhisattvasPadmavajra201702/04/2017
From Literal to Liberated MindSarvananda201916/09/2019