The activity of emptiness is compassion

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padmaloka retreat centre

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Calling Out Mara: The Buddha's StrivingPadmavajra201929/09/2019
Celebrating Dr AmbedkarPadmavajra201619/03/2017
Celebrating the Buddha Pingiya S Praises to the Way to the BeyondAlokadhara201426/02/2014
Changing Hatred into Love - Dhammapada Verses 3 to 6Padmavajra200723/03/2009
Cherish the DoctrinePadmasagara202104/04/2021
Cherish the DoctrineNagapriya200224/03/2008
Cherish the DoctrineSatyaraja201907/04/2019
Communion with the BeautifulSinghamanas201413/03/2015
Compassion In a Chaotic and Dangerous WorldSaddharaja201916/11/2019
Concepts, Symbol and Dharma as SambhogakayaGuhyavajra200124/03/2008
Conditions For The Long Life of The OrderPadmavajra201219/02/2012
Connecting to the TeacherParaga201605/02/2017
Contentment and CravingSurata201711/12/2017
Continuous Spiritual Death - Continuous Spiritual RebirthPadmavajra201213/08/2012
Creating Love, Respect and UnityPadmavajra201508/11/2015
Creating Sangha and Changing the WorldSaddhaloka200224/03/2008
Creating the Buddha Body and the Uses of PleasurePadmavajra201504/05/2015