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padmaloka retreat centre

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
The Adamantine Bond of BrotherhoodSanghanistha201425/03/2015
Advice To Young MenSurata201222/07/2012
Amitabha: Pouring Forth From StillnessGhosaka200124/03/2008
Amoghasiddhi: The Lord of the Midnight SunVaddhaka200124/03/2008
Anapanasati - Contemplation of DhammasGuhyavajra201606/02/2017
Anapanasati - Contemplation of FeelingsGuhyavajra201606/02/2017
Anapanasati - Contemplation of MindGuhyavajra201606/02/2017
Anapanasati - Contemplation of the BodyGuhyavajra201606/02/2017
Anapanasati Retreat - Padmaloka 2017Guhyavajra201718/04/2017
Appreciating Bhante - Decade 1Mangala201310/05/2013
Appreciating Bhante - Decade 2Ratnaghosha201310/05/2013
Appreciating Bhante - Decade 3Maitreyaraja201310/05/2013
Appreciating Bhante - Decade 4Maitrivir-Nagarjuna201310/05/2013
Ariyapariyesana Sutta SeminarPadmavajra201620/08/2017
Associating With Spiritual Friends - Verses From The Dhammapada 3Padmavajra201208/08/2012
Authority, Reality, the KingPrajnaketu201620/07/2016