The culmination of wisdom is freedom from all views

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Intellectual and Experiential - Practising SatipatthanaSuryadarshini201601/03/2021
Peacocks and ScorpionsSuryadarshini201802/02/2021
Threefold Puja On the Nidana ChainSuryadarshini201818/01/2021
Touching Enlightenment Through MudraSuryadarshini201918/01/2021
Evolution of a Metta PracticeSuryadarshini201811/01/2021
Sex and Social Media: From Attention and Attachment to ContentmentSuryadarshini201911/01/2021
Moving Away From Suffering; Moving Towards JoySuryadarshini201803/01/2021
Faith and Doubt In Ten MinutesSuryadarshini201803/01/2021
Touching the Earth PujaSuryadarshini201913/08/2019
Embodiment - Satipatthana Made SimpleSuryadarshini201926/06/2019
Radiating MettaSuryadarshini201823/06/2019
Get Out of Your Head: How to Talk About Meditating In the BodySuryadarshini201925/04/2019
Become the SkyAryadhi201827/11/2018
The Buddha and the Roseapple TreeSinhadakini201817/06/2018
Amoghasiddhi - Journey Into FearlessnessAryadhi201728/11/2017
Bright Blue Sky, Deep Blue SeaSuryadarshini201722/11/2017
Going Into the Pale MistAnya Konefal201720/10/2017
Solitary Dos and Don'tsSatyagita201717/10/2017
Fear, Risk and Spiritual DeathSuryadarshini201717/10/2017
Mindfulness Clear and RadiantSuryadarshini201706/09/2017
Expectations Versus RealitySuryadarshini201706/09/2017
A Personal Triratna Story, to Ordination and Just BeyondSuryadarshini201728/07/2017
Mandala of Gratitude: Talk and Led ReflectionSuryadarshini201715/07/2017
Shadows In the ForestSuryadarshini201718/06/2017
Death, How to Avoid It, and How Not to Avoid ItVajragupta female OM201713/02/2017
Yoga and BuddhismViprasanna201517/03/2016
Yoga and Buddhism - An IntroductionViprasanna201523/01/2016
Energy For EnlightenmentBodhivajra201515/05/2015
Dhardo Rimpoche and His Motto - Cherish the Doctrine. Live United. Radiate Love.Padmavajra201424/10/2014
A Hopeful Buddhist Response to the Environmental CrisisAmalaketu201415/07/2014
The Tree of Refuge and RespectPadmavajra201331/05/2013
What Is EnlightenmentSujana201213/06/2012