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Awareness is revolutionary

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Aspects of SanghaSubhuti200925/03/2010
The Four Idy PadasSubhuti200705/04/2010
The Importance of Sangha and the SamaghavastusSubhuti200804/04/2010
The Importance of SilaSubhuti200705/04/2010
Introduction For Youth RetreatSubhuti200705/04/2010
The Nature of the MindSubhuti200804/04/2010
The Qualities of the BuddhaSubhuti200925/03/2010
Reflecting On Citta and DhammasSubhuti200924/03/2010
Reflecting On the BodySubhuti200924/03/2010
Reflecting On VedanaSubhuti200924/03/2010
Root Ignorance and the Potential For EnlightenmentSubhuti200804/04/2010
Samadhi and PrajnaSubhuti200705/04/2010
SCIENCE of DHAMMA - Evolution and the NiyamasSubhuti201102/01/2012
The Science of LifeSubhuti200705/04/2010
Significance of Youth ActivitiesSubhuti200925/03/2010
Three Reasons For ConversionSubhuti200804/04/2010
What Is CasteSubhuti200705/04/2010