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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
BAM 2020 Covid-19 and Climate Change - Setting Positive Intentions In a PandemicAkuppa202025/07/2021
Beauty, Love and the Dharma LifePadmavajra201911/11/2019
The Buddha's Vision of Human ExistencePadmavajra202019/01/2020
Buddhism & Quantum PhysicsJnanavaca201912/12/2019
Communicating Through Symbols. The Wheel of Life - The HubMaitreyi202009/02/2020
Faith: the Emotional Response That You Have When You Are Confronted by the Embodiment of EnlightenmentVajragupta202107/02/2021
Friendship In the Spiritual LifePadmavajra201906/07/2019
Insight Imagination and EmpathyRatnaghosha202127/07/2021
The Myth of Self-DiscoveryTejananda202108/08/2021
The Myth of Self-SurrenderMaitreyaraja202131/07/2021
The Quarrelsome Monks of KosambiPadmavajra202020/09/2020
Saving the EarthAkuppa202009/02/2020
Uncontrived MindfulnessVajradevi202130/07/2021
Virya Is Energy In the Pursuit of the Good (Shantideva)Parami202028/07/2021