Metta is something that must be lived

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Sailing the Worldly WindsTaravandana201806/04/2018
Sangha Day Talk, 2018Vishangka201830/11/2018
Sanghakaya and the Heart's ReleaseMaitreyi201514/12/2015
Sanghanussati: Recollection of the SanghaRatnaguna200904/11/2010
Science and ConsciousnessMahasraddha200701/05/2008
Searching for the Buddha: Launch of Gautama BuddhaVishvapani201111/03/2011
Searching for Truth: Accelerators, Telescopes and BuddhismMahasraddha201117/06/2011
Self Compassion as LiberationDharmakarunya201515/03/2017
The Seven Moods of the PujaGaravachitta201504/11/2015
The Sevenfold Puja: Entreaty and SupplicationRatnaguna201028/09/2010
The Sevenfold Puja: Going For RefugeMahasraddha201028/09/2010
The Sevenfold Puja: Rejoicing In MeritsBuddhashanti201028/09/2010
The Sevenfold Puja: SalutationSuryaka201028/09/2010
The Sevenfold Puja: Transference of Merits and Self-SurrenderTaravandana201027/09/2010
The Sevenfold Puja: WorshipManiraja201028/09/2010
The Significance of the Buddha's EnlightenmentSona200914/10/2010
Simple GiftsVidyadevi201419/02/2014
Sitting with the Buddha: Encountering Spiritual Death and RebirthMahasraddha202026/04/2020
Spiritual DeathMahasraddha202010/05/2020
Stepping Down and Going OutSanghaketu201817/04/2018
Stop buying Stuff and learn how to be Happy insteadRatnaguna201111/03/2011