Awareness is revolutionary

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london buddhist centre

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Maitreyabandhu On EnlightenmentMaitreyabandhu201712/09/2018
Mandala Evening 2016 - The Year of GivingJnanavaca201626/01/2016
Manjugosha Festival DayJnanavaca201316/04/2013
Mastering the Mind - Week OneMaitreyabandhu201625/03/2016
Mastering the Mind - Week TwoShraddhasiddhi201625/03/2016
The Meaning of Going For RefugeSilapiya201411/12/2014
Meditation and Spiritual FriendshipSinghashri201201/10/2012
Meditation Essentials - Week Five - Self Dies to LifeMaitreyabandhu201504/09/2015
Meditation Essentials - Week Four - The UnknownMaitreyabandhu201528/08/2015
Meditation Essentials - Week One - The ContextMaitreyabandhu201506/08/2015
Meditation Essentials - Week Three - StagesMaitreyabandhu201528/08/2015
Meditation Essentials - Week Two - EffortSinghamanas201528/08/2015
Meditation Toolkit - Reactive Mind / Creative MindSubhadramati201824/09/2018
Meet a Buddhist - Jnanavaca (Urban Retreat 2012)Subhadramati and Jnanavaca201220/09/2012
Meeting Green Tara - Saviouress From the Eight Great TerrorsShubha201312/03/2013
Mending the Broken LadderAtula201018/01/2011
The Metta SuttaVanaraji201201/10/2012
Metta to InsightSuryagupta201803/10/2018
Milarepa - Beyond FearSilapiya201429/08/2014
Milarepa - Fear and FearlessnessSilapiya201422/08/2014
Milarepa - Gratitude and DevotionAkashamitra201415/09/2014
Milarepa - Gratitude and Dukkha - The First Noble TruthPadmadhara201409/10/2014
Milarepa - Milarepa and RechungpaPadmavajra201429/10/2014
Milarepa - Part 1Dhammadinna200717/02/2011
Milarepa - Part 2Dhammadinna200717/02/2011
Milarepa - Part 3Dhammadinna200717/02/2011
Milarepa - Pleasing the GuruPadmavajra201430/09/2014
Milarepa - the Mahamudra ViewJnanavaca201412/11/2014
Milarepa - The Provenance of PleasureSubhadramati201412/11/2014
Milarepa and the Value of SolitudeSubhadramati201419/08/2014
Mind Creates WorldMahamani201826/09/2018
The Mind Is An Enchanting ThingMaitreyabandhu200721/02/2011
Mind Reactive - Mind CreativeAkashamitra201505/08/2015
Mind Reactive and Creative - Week 1Devamitra201808/10/2018
Mind Reactive and Creative - Week 2Subhadramati201815/10/2018
Mind Reactive and Creative - Week 3Padmavajra201816/10/2018
The Monster of ImpermanenceSubhadramati201828/09/2018
My Relationship with BhanteVandanajyoti201401/04/2014
The Myriad Manifestations of MindDevamitra201604/07/2016
The Mystery of the VoidJnanavaca201627/05/2016
Myths and Parables From the White Lotus Sutra - Queerer Than We Can SupposeSubhadramati201515/04/2015
Myths and Parables From the White Lotus Sutra ; Myth of the Return JourneyAkashamitra201522/04/2015
Myths and Parables From the White Lotus Sutra ; Symbols of LifeSubhadramati201528/05/2015
Myths and Parables From the White Lotus Sutra ; The Burning HouseSilapiya201505/06/2015
Myths and Parables From the White Lotus Sutra ; The Eternal BuddhaJnanavaca201526/05/2015
Myths and Parables From the White Lotus Sutra ; The Jewel and the DrunkardSilapiya201520/05/2015