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london buddhist centre

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Launch of the LBC Year of Dharmic ReceptivityJnanavaca201428/01/2014
Launch of the LBC Year of Spiritual RebirthJnanavaca201315/01/2013
LBC Winter Retreat December 2012 (Sibford, Oxfordshire)LBC Winter Retreat Team201119/01/2012
LBC Year of Spiritual Receptivity - PrologueMaitreyabandhu201407/01/2014
Led Meditation: Recollecting the BuddhaSubhuti201114/03/2011
Leeping Into the Unknown with the DakinisKusalasara201712/09/2018
Letting Go of What Isn't ThereDhammarati200917/02/2011
Levels of Going For RefugeSubhadramati201906/03/2019
The Life of the BuddhaMaitreyaraja201022/02/2011
Listen: The Deathless Is AttainedPadmavajra201023/02/2011
Living SanghaAbhayanandi201621/01/2016
Living the Buddhist Life: a ConversationMaitreyabandhu Subhadramati201022/02/2011
Loving SamsaraViveka201129/03/2011