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london buddhist centre

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Game of ChessJnanavaca201512/01/2015
Gender, Leadership & the True IndividualMaitrivajri201412/09/2018
Gender, Leadership & the True IndividualMaitrivajri201722/05/2017
Glimpses of VisionNityabodha200923/02/2011
Going For Refuge Week 1 - The Endless Round and the Point of FreedomSubhadramati201413/11/2014
Going For Refuge Week 4 - Refuges, False and TrueSubhadramati201411/12/2014
Going For Refuge Week 6 - The Three Jewels and the Esoteric RefugesJnanavaca201423/12/2014
Going For Refuge Week 7 - Levels of Going For RefugeSilapiya201524/12/2014
Going ForthMaitreyabandhu201411/12/2014
Going Forth and the Four SightsDhammadassin201305/02/2013
The Good, the Beautiful and the True - Buddhism and Western Philosophy SeminarSudarshini and Manjusiha201113/12/2011
The Great LoveSuryagupta201712/09/2018
Great Mother PrajnaparamitaMaitrivajri201918/05/2019
The Great Stages of the PathJnanavaca201013/07/2010
The Great Stages of the Path - Launch of the Year of Integration At the LBCJnanavaca201017/02/2011
The Greater MandalaSubhadramati201203/09/2012
Green Tara, the Heart of Compassion (Winter Retreat Dec 2010)Dayaruci201016/02/2011