The culmination of wisdom is freedom from all views

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london buddhist centre

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
The Dakini & the Skull GarlandSubhadramati202020/01/2020
Dana Paramita and the BodhicharyavataraBodhilila201117/02/2011
Dancing with the DakinisSuryagupta201925/06/2019
Death and Falling FlowersMaitreyabandhu200921/02/2011
The Death of God, and the Hell of Atheism - Talk OneSubhuti201224/11/2012
The Death of God, and the Hell of Atheism - Talk ThreeSubhuti201224/11/2012
The Death of God, and the Hell of Atheism - Talk TwoSubhuti201224/11/2012
Death's Abyss and the Milk of Human KindnessJayarava201117/02/2011
A Deeper Perspective - From Copernicus to a Revolution In ConsciousnessJnanavaca201921/03/2019
Devamitra On EnergyDevamitra201712/09/2018
Dharma and NatureDhivan201415/07/2014
Dharmic Receptivity Series Week 1Subhadramati201428/01/2014
Dharmic Receptivity Series Week 2Maitreyabandhu201404/02/2014
Dharmic Receptivity Series Week 3Subhadramati201411/02/2014
Dharmic Receptivity Series Week 4Maitreyabandhu201422/02/2014
The Diamond ThroneJnanavaca201522/01/2015
The Difference Between Guilt and ShameJnanavaca201612/09/2018
Directions Towards the Gates of LiberationShubha201210/12/2012
Don Quixote's Topsy-Turvy ViewsManjusiha201222/08/2013
The Drunkard and the GuideMaitreyabandhu201512/01/2015
Dwelling In the Presence of the Buddha - Sangha DaySubhuti201212/12/2012