Metta is something that must be lived

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london buddhist centre

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Can I Make the World a Better Place? (Subhuti In Conversation with Suryagupta)Subhuti201928/11/2019
Celebrating the Buddha - Parinirvana Festival 2016Devamitra201623/02/2016
Character, Personality, and IndividualitySubhuti201828/11/2018
Childhood Loss and the Embracing of the Dharma LifeShubha201416/02/2014
Conditioned Arising: The Unconditioned Is ConditionedSagaramati200823/02/2011
Conflict & CrisisSuryagupta201712/09/2018
Conquering Craving | Urban Retreat 2019Subhadramati201926/09/2019
Consciousness Unflods - Week FiveJnanavaca201504/06/2015
Consciousness Unflods - Week OneJnanavaca201512/05/2015
Consciousness Unflods - Week ThreeJnanavaca201521/05/2015
Consciousness Unflods - Week TwoJnanavaca201514/05/2015
Consciousness Unfolds - Week FourJnanavaca201528/05/2015
CONSCIOUSNESS UNFOLDS Talk ONESubhuti201315/11/2013
CONSCIOUSNESS UNFOLDS Talk TWOSubhuti201315/11/2013
Constant ChangeRatnaghosha200823/02/2011
Creative Symbols of Tantric BuddhismJnanavaca202009/01/2020
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Male and FemaleSubhadramati201401/07/2014
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Week 10 - PadmasambhavaJnanavaca201420/05/2014
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Week 11 - Padmasambhava Pt.2Subhadramati201420/05/2014
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Week 5 - the Vajra Pt 2Akashamitra201415/04/2014
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Week 7 - the Cremation GroundSubhadramati201422/04/2014
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Week 8 - the Archetypal GuruDayabhadra201406/05/2014
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Week 9 - Tantric RitesPadmavajra201406/05/2014