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london buddhist centre

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Befriending One's Self In MeditationBodhilila201201/10/2012
Being a BuddhistAnthony Wright200912/07/2010
Beyond Blame | Urban Retreat 2019Garavavati201924/09/2019
Beyond Ethics Week 3: From Hatred to CompassionSubhadramati and Silapiya201220/06/2012
Beyond Ethics, Week 1Subhadramati and Silapiya201210/06/2012
Beyond Ethics, Week 2Subhadramati and Silapiya201220/06/2012
Beyond JealousyDayabhadra201911/09/2019
Beyond Karma - The Dharma NiyamaSubhuti201107/11/2011
The Bi-Tendential Value of Being & The Greater Mandala - Week 1Jnanavaca201902/10/2019
The Bi-Tendential Value of Being & The Greater Mandala - Week 2Subhadramati201908/10/2019
The Bi-Tendential Value of Being & The Greater Mandala - Week 4Subhadramati201923/10/2019
The Big Questions: What About Rebirth?Jnanavaca201913/08/2019
The Blazing Iron Club and the Winged Horse (Winter Retreat Dec 2010)Vidyadaka201016/02/2011
Bodhicaryavatara Week 1Silapiya201301/10/2013
Bodhicaryavatara Week 2Subhadramati201308/10/2013
Bodhicaryavatara Week 3Dayabhadra201308/10/2013
Bodhicaryavatara Week 4Subhadramati201308/10/2013
Bodhicaryavatara Week 5 - KshantiDayabhadra201315/10/2013
Bodhicaryavatara Week 6 - ViryaSubhadramati201315/10/2013
Bodhicaryavatara Week 7 Wisdom and RealityJnanavaca201328/10/2013
Bodhicaryavatara Week 8 Wisdom and Reality (continued)Jnanavaca201306/11/2013
Book Launch - Practical Buddhism by ParamabandhuParamabandhu201330/04/2013
Book Launch - The Journey and the GuideMaitreyabandhu Subhadramati201508/09/2015
Book Re-Launch of 'Sangharakshita: A New Voice' by Subhuti At the LBCSubhuti200924/02/2011
Breaking the Fetter of SuperficialityAkashamitra201904/07/2019
Breaking the Fetter of VaguenessKusalasara201910/07/2019
Breaking Through Into BuddhahoodJnanavaca201203/09/2012
Buddha Day talk at the LBCSubhuti201420/05/2014
The Buddha Jewel and the Mahaparinirvana SutraVanaraji201218/01/2012
The Buddha's TransformationAkashamitra201913/05/2019
The Buddha's Advice to a BankerSubhuti201115/03/2011
The Buddha's EnlightenmentSaraka201306/06/2013
The Buddha's PersonalityVishvapani201102/05/2011
Buddhism and Social TransformationSubhuti201912/12/2019
Buddhism and the Big Bang - a Five Week SeminarJnanavaca201125/04/2011
Buddhism, Modern Physics and the Nature of RealityJnanavaca201017/02/2011
Buddhist Womens Achievements - Standing Up, Standing Alone, Standing TogetherSamata201623/02/2016
Buddhophany 2: Allowing the Buddha to Reach Us Through the Imagination, He Calls Us to Go BeyondSubhuti201115/03/2011
Buddhophany 3: Meeting the Buddha In RealitySubhuti201116/03/2011