The activity of emptiness is compassion

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london buddhist centre

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
'Buddhism & World Problems' (The Bi-Tendential Value of Being & The Greater Mandala - Week 3)Jnanavaca201915/10/2019
'The Inconceivable Dimension of Buddhahood'Jnanavaca201901/08/2019
‘In Conversation’ with SubhutiSubhuti201805/12/2018
2012 Rambles at the LBC - Talk 1Subhuti201217/04/2012
2012 Rambles At the LBC - Talk 2Subhuti201223/05/2012
2012 Rambles At the LBC - Talk 3Subhuti201220/04/2012
The 4 GiftsPadmavajra201518/06/2015
40 Years of the LBC: Looking Back and Looking ForwardSuryagupta201806/11/2018
5 Things You Can Learn From GeeseSraddhagita201617/11/2016
The Adamantine BeingDevamitra201812/09/2018
Alice Oswald Interviewed by Maitreyabandhu At Poetry EastMaitreyabandhu201312/03/2013
All-Accomplishing WisdomShubha201115/07/2011
The Alternative to GodMaitreyabandhu200617/02/2011
The Altruistic Dimension of Going For RefugePadmavajra201423/12/2014
Amitabha & The Infinate LightSuryagupta201925/12/2019
Amitabha; The Buddha of the WestDevamitra201910/05/2019
Amoghasiddhi & The Call of the ForestKsantikara201928/12/2019
Answering the CallSuryagupta201503/07/2015
Approaches to the Perfection of WisdomSantavajri201129/11/2011
The Archetypes of Enlightenment: Green TaraKusalasara201918/04/2019
The Art of Reflection - Book Launch At the LBCRatnaguna201110/03/2011
The Artist As True Individual - Interview with AmitajyotiSubhadramati201625/03/2016
Awareness In the WorkplacePadmalila201415/07/2014
Awareness of NatureDharmasakhya201419/06/2014
Awareness to InsightDevamitra201803/10/2018
Befriending One's Self In MeditationBodhilila201201/10/2012
Being a BuddhistAnthony Wright200912/07/2010
Beyond Blame | Urban Retreat 2019Garavavati201924/09/2019
Beyond Ethics Week 3: From Hatred to CompassionSubhadramati and Silapiya201220/06/2012
Beyond Ethics, Week 1Subhadramati and Silapiya201210/06/2012
Beyond Ethics, Week 2Subhadramati and Silapiya201220/06/2012
Beyond JealousyDayabhadra201911/09/2019
Beyond Karma - The Dharma NiyamaSubhuti201107/11/2011
The Bi-Tendential Value of Being & The Greater Mandala - Week 1Jnanavaca201902/10/2019
The Bi-Tendential Value of Being & The Greater Mandala - Week 2Subhadramati201908/10/2019
The Bi-Tendential Value of Being & The Greater Mandala - Week 4Subhadramati201923/10/2019
The Big Questions: What About Rebirth?Jnanavaca201913/08/2019
The Blazing Iron Club and the Winged Horse (Winter Retreat Dec 2010)Vidyadaka201016/02/2011
Bodhicaryavatara Week 1Silapiya201301/10/2013
Bodhicaryavatara Week 2Subhadramati201308/10/2013
Bodhicaryavatara Week 3Dayabhadra201308/10/2013
Bodhicaryavatara Week 4Subhadramati201308/10/2013
Bodhicaryavatara Week 5 - KshantiDayabhadra201315/10/2013
Bodhicaryavatara Week 6 - ViryaSubhadramati201315/10/2013
Bodhicaryavatara Week 7 Wisdom and RealityJnanavaca201328/10/2013
Bodhicaryavatara Week 8 Wisdom and Reality (continued)Jnanavaca201306/11/2013
Book Launch - Practical Buddhism by ParamabandhuParamabandhu201330/04/2013
Book Launch - The Journey and the GuideMaitreyabandhu Subhadramati201508/09/2015
Book Re-Launch of 'Sangharakshita: A New Voice' by Subhuti At the LBCSubhuti200924/02/2011
Breaking the Fetter of SuperficialityAkashamitra201904/07/2019
Breaking the Fetter of VaguenessKusalasara201910/07/2019
Breaking Through Into BuddhahoodJnanavaca201203/09/2012
Buddha Day talk at the LBCSubhuti201420/05/2014
The Buddha Jewel and the Mahaparinirvana SutraVanaraji201218/01/2012
The Buddha's Social RevolutionSubhuti202111/05/2021
The Buddha's TransformationAkashamitra201913/05/2019
The Buddha's Advice to a BankerSubhuti201115/03/2011
The Buddha's EnlightenmentSaraka201306/06/2013
The Buddha's PersonalityVishvapani201102/05/2011
Buddhism and Social TransformationSubhuti201912/12/2019
Buddhism and the Big Bang - a Five Week SeminarJnanavaca201125/04/2011
Buddhism, Modern Physics and the Nature of RealityJnanavaca201017/02/2011
Buddhist Womens Achievements - Standing Up, Standing Alone, Standing TogetherSamata201623/02/2016
Buddhophany 2: Allowing the Buddha to Reach Us Through the Imagination, He Calls Us to Go BeyondSubhuti201115/03/2011
Buddhophany 3: Meeting the Buddha In RealitySubhuti201116/03/2011
Can I Make the World a Better Place? (Subhuti In Conversation with Suryagupta)Subhuti201928/11/2019
Celebrating the Buddha - Parinirvana Festival 2016Devamitra201623/02/2016
Character, Personality, and IndividualitySubhuti201828/11/2018
Childhood Loss and the Embracing of the Dharma LifeShubha201416/02/2014
Conditioned Arising: The Unconditioned Is ConditionedSagaramati200823/02/2011
Conflict & CrisisSuryagupta201712/09/2018
Conquering Craving | Urban Retreat 2019Subhadramati201926/09/2019
Consciousness Unflods - Week FiveJnanavaca201504/06/2015
Consciousness Unflods - Week OneJnanavaca201512/05/2015
Consciousness Unflods - Week ThreeJnanavaca201521/05/2015
Consciousness Unflods - Week TwoJnanavaca201514/05/2015
Consciousness Unfolds - Week FourJnanavaca201528/05/2015
CONSCIOUSNESS UNFOLDS Talk ONESubhuti201315/11/2013
CONSCIOUSNESS UNFOLDS Talk TWOSubhuti201315/11/2013
Constant ChangeRatnaghosha200823/02/2011
Creative Symbols of Tantric BuddhismJnanavaca202009/01/2020
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Male and FemaleSubhadramati201401/07/2014
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Week 10 - PadmasambhavaJnanavaca201420/05/2014
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Week 11 - Padmasambhava Pt.2Subhadramati201420/05/2014
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Week 5 - the Vajra Pt 2Akashamitra201415/04/2014
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Week 7 - the Cremation GroundSubhadramati201422/04/2014
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Week 8 - the Archetypal GuruDayabhadra201406/05/2014
Creative Symbols of Tantric Buddhism - Week 9 - Tantric RitesPadmavajra201406/05/2014
The Dakini & the Skull GarlandSubhadramati202020/01/2020
Dana Paramita and the BodhicharyavataraBodhilila201117/02/2011
Dancing with the DakinisSuryagupta201925/06/2019
Death and Falling FlowersMaitreyabandhu200921/02/2011
The Death of God, and the Hell of Atheism - Talk OneSubhuti201224/11/2012
The Death of God, and the Hell of Atheism - Talk ThreeSubhuti201224/11/2012
The Death of God, and the Hell of Atheism - Talk TwoSubhuti201224/11/2012
Death's Abyss and the Milk of Human KindnessJayarava201117/02/2011
A Deeper Perspective - From Copernicus to a Revolution In ConsciousnessJnanavaca201921/03/2019
Devamitra On EnergyDevamitra201712/09/2018
Dharma and NatureDhivan201415/07/2014
Dharmic Receptivity Series Week 1Subhadramati201428/01/2014
Dharmic Receptivity Series Week 2Maitreyabandhu201404/02/2014
Dharmic Receptivity Series Week 3Subhadramati201411/02/2014
Dharmic Receptivity Series Week 4Maitreyabandhu201422/02/2014
The Diamond ThroneJnanavaca201522/01/2015
The Difference Between Guilt and ShameJnanavaca201612/09/2018
Directions Towards the Gates of LiberationShubha201210/12/2012
Don Quixote's Topsy-Turvy ViewsManjusiha201222/08/2013
The Drunkard and the GuideMaitreyabandhu201512/01/2015
Dwelling In the Presence of the Buddha - Sangha DaySubhuti201212/12/2012
Empathising with the EnemyNandaraja201815/10/2018
The Enlightened Buddha In ContextSubhuti201107/11/2011
Enlightenment As Experience and Non-ExperienceMaitreyabandhu Subhadramati201806/09/2018
Enlightenment, Sudden Or Gradual?Devamitra201925/07/2019
Entering Emptiness - a Six Week Course At the LBC with Jnanavaca and MaitreyabandhuJnanavaca and Maitreyabandhu200925/02/2011
Entering the Sphere of EnlightenmentJnanavaca200917/02/2011
Entreaty and SupplicationDevamitra201926/02/2019
Entreaty and SupplicationSuryagupta201913/02/2019
Eros and Beauty - Beauty As RefugeSubhadramati201526/03/2015
Eros and Beauty - Jnanavaca On FireJnanavaca201526/03/2015
Eros and Beauty - Manjughosha, Love and BeautyPadmavajra201526/03/2015
Eros and Beauty 1a Bhante As DaemonSubhuti201422/05/2014
Eros and Beauty 1b Bhante As DaemonPadmavajra201422/05/2014
Eros and Beauty 2a Contemplating BeautySubhuti201422/05/2014
Eros and Beauty 2b Contemplating BeautyPadmavajra201422/05/2014
Eros and Beauty 3a The Ascent of BeautySubhuti201422/05/2014
Eros and Beauty 3b The Ascent of BeautyPadmavajra201422/05/2014
Eros and Beauty 4a The Erotic ForceSubhuti201422/05/2014
Eros and Beauty 4b The Erotic ForcePadmavajra201422/05/2014
Eros and Beauty 5a Buddha Day TalkPadmavajra201422/05/2014
Eros and Beauty 5b Buddha Day TalkSubhuti201422/05/2014
Eros and Beauty 6a Asubha-SubhaSubhuti201422/05/2014
Eros and Beauty 6b Asubha-SubhaPadmavajra201422/05/2014
Eros and Beauty 7a Reflections On BeautyAbhaya201422/05/2014
Eternity and TimeSubhadramati201917/12/2019
The Ethical UniverseJnanavaca201904/02/2019
Evolution Or Extinction - (the Buddhist Approach To) Current World ProblemsJnanavaca201210/09/2012
Facing FearDevamitra201502/10/2015
Finding One's Own Way In The DharmaDevamitra201217/09/2012
Finding the MindRatnaprabha201205/11/2012
A Fortunate Encounter (Winter Retreat 2010)Jayaka201016/02/2011
Freedom Or DeathJnanavaca201929/05/2019
Freedom: The Bigger PictureSuryagupta201712/09/2018
From Reactivity to CreativitySubhadramati201825/09/2018
From View to No ViewJnanavaca200717/02/2011
Game of ChessJnanavaca201512/01/2015
Gender, Leadership & the True IndividualMaitrivajri201412/09/2018
Gender, Leadership & the True IndividualMaitrivajri201722/05/2017
Glimpses of VisionNityabodha200923/02/2011
Going For Refuge Week 1 - The Endless Round and the Point of FreedomSubhadramati201413/11/2014
Going For Refuge Week 4 - Refuges, False and TrueSubhadramati201411/12/2014
Going For Refuge Week 6 - The Three Jewels and the Esoteric RefugesJnanavaca201423/12/2014
Going For Refuge Week 7 - Levels of Going For RefugeSilapiya201524/12/2014
Going ForthMaitreyabandhu201411/12/2014
Going Forth and the Four SightsDhammadassin201305/02/2013
The Good, the Beautiful and the True - Buddhism and Western Philosophy SeminarSudarshini and Manjusiha201113/12/2011
The Great LoveSuryagupta201712/09/2018
Great Mother PrajnaparamitaMaitrivajri201918/05/2019
The Great Stages of the PathJnanavaca201013/07/2010
The Great Stages of the Path - Launch of the Year of Integration At the LBCJnanavaca201017/02/2011
The Greater MandalaSubhadramati201203/09/2012
Green Tara, the Heart of Compassion (Winter Retreat Dec 2010)Dayaruci201016/02/2011
Happiness and a Life Well LivedMaitreyabandhu201022/02/2011
Happiness and BeyondVidyadaka201801/10/2018
The Happiness ProblemMaitreyabandhu200921/02/2011
Heart Advice From the Lotus -Born: 'Never Be Apart From the Causes For Faith to Arise'.Maitreyi201902/10/2019
Heart of Darkness (LBC Wesak Festival May 2011)Sarvananda201117/05/2011
Heart of Wisdom, Mind of Love - Week 1Jnanavaca201908/01/2019
Heart of Wisdom, Mind of Love - Week 2Jnanavaca201918/01/2019
The Heart SutraJnanavaca201920/02/2019
The Heart Sutra, Sangha and Spiritual DeathKamalashila201107/12/2011
How to Build a BuddhalandPadmavajra201712/09/2018
Humanity and perfectionSubhuti201827/11/2018
The Illumined Imagination (Winter Retreat Dec 2010)Maitreyabandhu201016/02/2011
Imagining the BuddhaRatnaguna201023/02/2011
Imagining the Buddha - A Four Week Seminar Exploring the Verses of the Tiratana VandanaJnanavaca201117/06/2011
In a NutshellDhammarati201625/07/2016
The Inconceivable EmancipationJnanavaca201712/09/2018
Interview On EthicsParamabandhu201313/08/2013
Into the Wilderness - The Search ForTruthVishvantara201319/02/2013
Intro to Themes From the Vimalakirti NidesaJayaraja201212/11/2012
An Introduction to the Mandala of the Female BuddhasMahamani201508/06/2015
Invoking PadmasambhavaPadmavajra201712/09/2018
Is a Guru NecessaryJnanavaca201217/09/2012
Is Buddhism a Religion?Jnanavaca200917/02/2011
Is Enlightenment Really Possible? (Subhuti In Conversation with Gus Miller)Subhuti201904/12/2019
The Jewel In the GarmentAkashamitra201922/11/2019
The Jewel in the LotusSraddhagita200727/06/2008
The Journey and the Guide - Week Eight - The Mandala of Spiritual RebirthMaitreyabandhu201503/12/2015
The Journey and the Guide - Week Five - Spiritual DeathJnanavaca201503/12/2015
The Journey and the Guide - Week Four - The Mandala of Positive EmotionMaitreyabandhu201503/12/2015
The Journey and the Guide - Week One - IntegrationMaitreyabandhu201503/12/2015
The Journey and the Guide - Week Seven - Spiritual RebirthMaitreyabandhu201503/12/2015
The Journey and the Guide - Week Six - The Mandala of Spiritual DeathMaitreyabandhu201503/12/2015
The Journey and the Guide - Week Three - Positive EmotionMaitreyabandhu201503/12/2015
The Journey and the Guide - Week Two - The Mandala of IntegrationMaitreyabandhu201503/12/2015
Journey and the Guide 2016 - Week 1Maitreyabandhu201606/05/2016
Journey and the Guide 2016 - Week 1 RecapAbhayanandi201612/05/2016
Journey and the Guide 2016 - Week 2Maitreyabandhu201612/05/2016
Journey and the Guide 2016 - Week 3 RecapMaitreyabandhu201608/06/2016
Journey and the Guide 2016 - Week 4Maitreyabandhu201608/06/2016
The Journey and the Guide Wk1Maitreyabandhu201322/01/2013
The Journey and the Guide Wk2Maitreyabandhu201305/02/2013
The Journey and the Guide Wk3Maitreyabandhu201305/02/2013
The Journey and the Guide Wk4Maitreyabandhu201312/02/2013
The Journey and the Guide Wk5Maitreyabandhu201319/02/2013
The Journey and the Guide Wk6Maitreyabandhu201305/03/2013
The Journey and the Guide Wk7Maitreyabandhu201305/03/2013
The Journey and the Guide Wk8Maitreyabandhu201312/03/2013
Kalyana MitrataKalyanavaca201411/02/2014
The Karaniya Metta Sutta Week 1 of 5Dayabhadra201312/06/2013
Karma and the MindSatyadaya201306/06/2013
Kisa Gotami - Some Recent PerspectivesSudurjaya201719/06/2017
The Kiss of Fire - Launch of the Year of Spiritual DeathJnanavaca201218/01/2012
Knowledge of Reality - Ramble OneSubhuti201405/05/2015
Knowledge of Reality - Ramble ThreeSubhuti201405/05/2015
Knowledge of Reality - Ramble TwoSubhuti201405/05/2015
Launch of the LBC Year of Dharmic ReceptivityJnanavaca201428/01/2014
Launch of the LBC Year of Spiritual RebirthJnanavaca201315/01/2013
LBC Winter Retreat December 2012 (Sibford, Oxfordshire)LBC Winter Retreat Team201119/01/2012
LBC Year of Spiritual Receptivity - PrologueMaitreyabandhu201407/01/2014
Led Meditation: Recollecting the BuddhaSubhuti201114/03/2011
Leeping Into the Unknown with the DakinisKusalasara201712/09/2018
Letting Go of What Isn't ThereDhammarati200917/02/2011
Levels of Going For RefugeSubhadramati201906/03/2019
The Life of the BuddhaMaitreyaraja201022/02/2011
Listen: The Deathless Is AttainedPadmavajra201023/02/2011
Living SanghaAbhayanandi201621/01/2016
Living the Buddhist Life: a ConversationMaitreyabandhu Subhadramati201022/02/2011
Loving SamsaraViveka201129/03/2011
Maitreyabandhu On EnlightenmentMaitreyabandhu201712/09/2018
Mandala Evening 2016 - The Year of GivingJnanavaca201626/01/2016
Manjugosha Festival DayJnanavaca201316/04/2013
Mastering the Mind - Week OneMaitreyabandhu201625/03/2016
Mastering the Mind - Week TwoShraddhasiddhi201625/03/2016
The Meaning of Going For RefugeSilapiya201411/12/2014
Meditation and Spiritual FriendshipSinghashri201201/10/2012
Meditation Essentials - Week Five - Self Dies to LifeMaitreyabandhu201504/09/2015
Meditation Essentials - Week Four - The UnknownMaitreyabandhu201528/08/2015
Meditation Essentials - Week One - The ContextMaitreyabandhu201506/08/2015
Meditation Essentials - Week Three - StagesMaitreyabandhu201528/08/2015
Meditation Essentials - Week Two - EffortSinghamanas201528/08/2015
Meditation Toolkit - Reactive Mind / Creative MindSubhadramati201824/09/2018
Meet a Buddhist - Jnanavaca (Urban Retreat 2012)Subhadramati and Jnanavaca201220/09/2012
Meeting Green Tara - Saviouress From the Eight Great TerrorsShubha201312/03/2013
Mending the Broken LadderAtula201018/01/2011
The Metta SuttaVanaraji201201/10/2012
Metta to InsightSuryagupta201803/10/2018
Milarepa - Beyond FearSilapiya201429/08/2014
Milarepa - Fear and FearlessnessSilapiya201422/08/2014
Milarepa - Gratitude and DevotionAkashamitra201415/09/2014
Milarepa - Gratitude and Dukkha - The First Noble TruthPadmadhara201409/10/2014
Milarepa - Milarepa and RechungpaPadmavajra201429/10/2014
Milarepa - Part 1Dhammadinna200717/02/2011
Milarepa - Part 2Dhammadinna200717/02/2011
Milarepa - Part 3Dhammadinna200717/02/2011
Milarepa - Pleasing the GuruPadmavajra201430/09/2014
Milarepa - the Mahamudra ViewJnanavaca201412/11/2014
Milarepa - The Provenance of PleasureSubhadramati201412/11/2014
Milarepa and the Value of SolitudeSubhadramati201419/08/2014
Mind Creates WorldMahamani201826/09/2018
The Mind Is An Enchanting ThingMaitreyabandhu200721/02/2011
Mind Reactive - Mind CreativeAkashamitra201505/08/2015
Mind Reactive and Creative - Week 1Devamitra201808/10/2018
Mind Reactive and Creative - Week 2Subhadramati201815/10/2018
Mind Reactive and Creative - Week 3Padmavajra201816/10/2018
The Monster of ImpermanenceSubhadramati201828/09/2018
My Relationship with BhanteVandanajyoti201401/04/2014
The Myriad Manifestations of MindDevamitra201604/07/2016
The Mystery of the VoidJnanavaca201627/05/2016
Myths and Parables From the White Lotus Sutra - Queerer Than We Can SupposeSubhadramati201515/04/2015
Myths and Parables From the White Lotus Sutra ; Myth of the Return JourneyAkashamitra201522/04/2015
Myths and Parables From the White Lotus Sutra ; Symbols of LifeSubhadramati201528/05/2015
Myths and Parables From the White Lotus Sutra ; The Burning HouseSilapiya201505/06/2015
Myths and Parables From the White Lotus Sutra ; The Eternal BuddhaJnanavaca201526/05/2015
Myths and Parables From the White Lotus Sutra ; The Jewel and the DrunkardSilapiya201520/05/2015
No More Comparison | Urban Retreat 2019Prajnamanas201925/09/2019
Of Gods and Men - Launch of the Year of Positive Emotion At the London Buddhist CentreJnanavaca201124/01/2011
On FearDevamitra201627/01/2016
On GreedShraddhasiddhi201627/01/2016
On LiesJnanavaca201627/01/2016
On WarSuryagupta201627/01/2016
Our Lineage of InspirationAkashamitra201818/12/2018
Overcoming EnvyMahamani201927/09/2019
Padmavajra - Reflections On SanghaPadmavajra201626/01/2016
Painting the VoidAbhayavajra201319/02/2013
The Parable of The Burning HouseDevamitra201905/11/2019
The Parable of the Good PhysicianDevamitra201912/12/2019
The Parable of The Rain CloudJayaka201918/11/2019
Parables From the White Lotus Sutra - the Burning HouseJnanavaca201508/04/2015
Parami - Buddha Day Festival TalkParami201616/05/2016
The Path to EnlightenmentMaitreyabandhu200621/02/2011
The Patience of the Deep Blue AkshobhyaParamabandhu201924/12/2019
Peace Is a FireJnanavaca201917/09/2019
Perfect Imperfection - SubhadramatiSubhadramati201930/11/2019
The Perfection of Energy (Virya Paramita)Prajnadevi201117/06/2011
Personal Reflections On Going ForthVarious201315/01/2013
Personal Talks On the Practice of the Buddhist PreceptsJak Maryam Ann201129/03/2011
Poetry East - Fiona SampsonMaitreyabandhu201323/04/2013
Poetry East with Alex DanchevMaitreyabandhu201604/07/2016
The Point of No ReturnSuryagupta201604/07/2016
Post-Ordination - Dharmaprabha and UpekshadhiDharmaprabha201515/01/2015
The Power of InitiationJnanavaca202027/02/2020
Practising Dying (Parinirvana Festival Day)Upeksaraja201213/02/2012
Prajna Locana - a Brief Visualisation and Introduction to Her QualitiesSudurjaya201509/05/2015
Prajna Pandaravasini - A Brief Introduction to Her QualitiesMahamani201508/06/2015
Quang DucDevamitra201318/06/2013
Questions and Answers with Young Buddhists In LondonSubhuti201104/11/2011
Race & the SanghaManjusiha202030/01/2020
Radical InclusivitySinghashri201704/05/2017
Ramble Around Reality OneSubhuti201422/05/2014
Ramble Around Reality ThreeSubhuti201422/05/2014
Ramble Around Reality TwoSubhuti201422/05/2014
Ramble One - The Regularities of RealitySubhuti201107/11/2011
Ramble Two - To the Limits of KarmaSubhuti201107/11/2011
Rambles Around Buddhophany 1. Look For the Buddha; He's Really Worth MeetingSubhuti201114/03/2011
Rambles Around Pleasure (and Other Themes) - MondaySubhuti200925/02/2011
Rambles Around Pleasure (and Other Themes) - ThursdaySubhuti200925/02/2011
Rambles Around Pleasure (and Other Themes) - TuesdaySubhuti200925/02/2011
Rambles Around Pleasure (and Other Themes) - WednesdaySubhuti200925/02/2011
Rambles Around Reality - Consciousness Unfolds - Talk OneSubhuti201307/01/2014
Rambles Around Reality - Consciousness Unfolds - Talk ThreeSubhuti201307/01/2014
Rambles Around Reality - Consciousness Unfolds - Talk TwoSubhuti201307/01/2014
Rambles Around Reality - Part 1Subhuti201714/12/2017
Rambles Around Reality - Part 2Subhuti201714/12/2017
Rambles Around Reality - Part 3Subhuti201718/11/2017
Rambles Around Reality - Talk One - Autumn 2015Subhuti201503/11/2015
Rambles Around Reality - Talk Three - Autumn 2015Subhuti201505/11/2015
Rambles Around Reality - Talk Two - Autumn 2015Subhuti201504/11/2015
Rambles Around Reality - the 5 NiyamasSubhuti201006/04/2010
Rambles Around Reality - The Bodhicitta - Part OneSubhuti201704/04/2017
Rambles Around Reality - The Bodhicitta - Part ThreeSubhuti201706/04/2017
Rambles Around Reality - The Bodhicitta - Part TwoSubhuti201705/04/2017
Rambles Around Reality 2010 - the 5 Niyamas 3Subhuti201009/04/2010
Rambles Around Reality 2010 - The Five Niyamas 1Subhuti201015/06/2010
Rambles Around Reality 2010 - The Five Niyamas 2Subhuti201009/04/2010
Rambles Around Reality: The Ideal LeaderSubhuti201820/08/2018
Rambles Around the Imagination 1 - Defining ImaginationSubhuti201020/10/2010
Rambles Around the Imagination 2 - the Need For Clarity and EthicsSubhuti201020/10/2010
Rambles Around the Imagination 3 - the Natural World, Art and Aesthetics and MeditationSubhuti201021/10/2010
Ratnaguna & Padmavajra In Conversation - Great Faith, Great WisdomRatnaguna201610/05/2016
Ratnasambhava: Stories of Gold & GenerosityKusalasara201924/12/2019
Reality As A Way Of LifeVajrasakhi201325/07/2013
Reality Is PersonalSinghamanas201621/04/2016
Reflections On Ordination and 3 Months In the Mountains - BodhipakshiniBodhipakshini201523/07/2015
Reflections On Ordination and 3 Months In the Mountains - SatyapurnaSatyapurna201523/07/2015
Reflections On Vajrasattva - Purity, Confession and DeathDhammadinna201012/07/2010
Rejoicing In MeritsSuryagupta201905/02/2019
The Relevance of Dr Ambedkar Revolution For Buddhists.Subhuti n MaitrivirNagarjuna201328/10/2013
Responding to SufferingJnanavaca201502/07/2015
Reverencing the Buddha - I Bow to No One Dead Or AliveMahamani201622/01/2016
Rowan Williams In Interview with MaitreyabandhuMaitreyabandhu201621/04/2016
Sadhana and InsightVijayamala201319/03/2013
The Sangha Context of the Anapanasati TeachingShubha201326/11/2013
The Sangha JewelPrajnadevi201214/03/2012
Searching For the Greatly Precious GuruPadmavajra201224/09/2012
Seminar On Spiritual DeathSubhadramati and Jnanavaca201227/02/2012
Seminar: Wisdom For a World On Fire - Week 1Jnanavaca201806/11/2018
Seven Point Mind Training - Talk 1Dhammadinna200824/01/2011
Seven Point Mind Training - Talk 2Dhammadinna200824/01/2011
Seven Point Mind Training - Talk 3Dhammadinna200824/01/2011
Seven Point Mind Training - Talk 4Dhammadinna200820/01/2011
Seven Point Mind Training - Talk 5Dhammadinna200820/01/2011
Seven Point Mind Training - Talk 6Dhammadinna200819/01/2011
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Subhuti In Seminar - Three Ways to Insight - IndroductionSubhuti201506/11/2015
Subhuti In Seminar - Three Ways to Insight - PreludeSubhuti201506/11/2015
Subhuti In Seminar - Three Ways to Insight - Reaction PracticeSubhuti201506/11/2015
Subhuti In Seminar - Three Ways to Insight - Working with the 3 PrajnasSubhuti201506/11/2015
Supra Personal Force Seminar Week 1Dayabhadra201316/04/2013
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The Tiratna Vandana 2- Buddha VandanaSubhuti201113/03/2011
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The Transcendental Critique of Religion (Dharma Night Class)Subhadramati201226/09/2012
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