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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Bodies of Earth - Beyond Me and Mine - DukkhaDayajoti201221/11/2013
Bodies of Earth - Beyond Me and Mine - ImpermanenceDayajoti201221/11/2013
Connect.Empower.Liberate 1 of 3Guhyapati201404/09/2014
Connect.Empower.Liberate 2 of 3Guhyapati201404/09/2014
Connect.Empower.Liberate 3 of 3Guhyapati201404/09/2014
Transformative Collaboration: Matrix of BodhicittaGuhyapati201622/02/2017
The Transformative Group: A Fugitive EquillibriumGuhyapati201621/02/2017
Unleashing a Post-Capitalist ImaginationGuhyapati201621/02/2017