I rely on the counsels of the ear-whispered tradition (Milarepa)

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Akashavana: Ibex, Vultures and Spelt BreadAtulyamitra201811/07/2018
The Best of TruthsJnanadhara202023/01/2020
The Central Teaching of the Buddha: An Exploration of the Profound Teaching of ConditionalityParamabandhu201818/06/2018
Dr. Ambedkar & the Dhamma Revolution In the WestJnanadhara201818/06/2018
Evolution of a Pacifist - Sean O'Casey and BuddhismMaitrikaya201804/10/2018
Leonard Cohen: Troubadour, Psychonaut, Buddhist MonkJyotika201926/09/2019
A New Life In An Ancient TraditionSubhadramati201816/10/2018
Padmasambhava Practice – a Personal UnfoldingVessantara201719/06/2018
Quietly Revering the Unfathomable - Reflections On GuhyalokaDayasagara201810/10/2018
What Do You Do With A Wish-Fulfilling Jewel?Sadayasihi202004/03/2020