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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Vajragupta - Four Trainings to Build Positive EmotionVajragupta201607/02/2016
Vajragupta - Positive EmotionVajragupta201605/02/2016
Vajragupta - Reflecting On Spiritual DeathVajragupta201604/03/2016
Vajragupta - Using Personal Mandalas to Help IntegrationVajragupta201624/01/2016
Vandanajyoti - Sangharakshita His Life and WorkVandanajyoti201515/07/2015
Vandanajyoti - the Eighth PreceptVandanajyoti201523/12/2015
Vijayasri - Closing the Urban RetreatVijayasri201524/12/2015
Vijayasri - Generosity As A Foundation Of Positive EmotionVijayasri201617/02/2016
Vijayasri - Introducing the Urban RetreatVijayasri201524/12/2015
Vijayasri - The Dhammapalam GathaVijayasri201603/01/2016
Vijayasri - This Precious Human LifeVijayasri201516/08/2015
Violence and Non-ViolenceVijayasri201628/12/2016