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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Radical Kindness In a Violent WorldViryajyoti202020/05/2020
Breaking the Fetter of SuperficialitySaddharaja202017/03/2020
Parinirvana Day 2020 - Talks On 'change'Various202021/02/2020
Not About Being Good - Beyond GuiltArthapriya202031/01/2020
Not About Being Good - Creative MindJnanavaca202024/01/2020
Why I am a BuddhistVarious201918/12/2019
Sub35s: Precious Qualities - EnergyJinamati201918/12/2019
Celebrating SanghaSanghadevi201929/11/2019
Commemorating the First Death Anniversary of Bhante SangharakshitaVarious201919/11/2019
A Westerner's View of the Dharma Revolution In IndiaPadmasuri201918/10/2019
The Sangha RefugeKalyanadhi201911/10/2019
The Dharma RefugeKulapriya201907/10/2019
The Buddha RefugeAmarachandra201901/10/2019
Happiness Comes From WithinSanghajata201930/09/2019
Padmasambhava Day Symposium201930/09/2019
What Going For Refuge Means to MeVarious201930/09/2019
The Taste of FreedomSanghajata201930/08/2019
Talks From Open Studios - Awareness Through the LensVarious201919/08/2019
Mind Reactive and CreativePriyananda201919/08/2019
Stories of Awakening: ParinirvanaManjurava201919/08/2019
Stories From the UdanaSanghaketu201919/08/2019
Full Moon DiscourseRatnaghosha201919/08/2019
Welcome Back to Anantamati and SarvajitVarious201916/08/2019
Esukari SuttaSaddharaja201916/08/2019
The Enlightened One SpeaksSaddharaja201915/07/2019
Stories of Awakening - EnlightenmentRatnaghosha201905/07/2019
The Bhaddali SuttaSaddharaja201905/07/2019
Dighajanu and Migara's MotherRatnaghosha201921/06/2019
Dhammadinna's StoryVidyasakhi201921/06/2019
The Chanki SuttaRatnaghosha201931/05/2019
What the Buddha Means to MeVarious201921/05/2019
The Meghiya SuttaSaddharaja201917/05/2019
The Buddha In the Pali CanonSaddharaja201910/05/2019
What Triratna Means to MeVarious201908/04/2019
Forty-Three Years In Triratna Buddhist CommunityPadmasuri201908/04/2019
Green TaraCandraprabha201908/03/2019
Parinirvana Day 2019: A Life Well LivedVarious201922/02/2019
Group, Individual, Spiritual CommunityVarious201922/02/2019
Compassion In the Modern WorldArthasiddhi201908/02/2019
The Dharma In DickensRatnaghosha201918/01/2019
Facing death without fearDharmottara201918/01/2019
Worldly Winds: Pleasure and PainKalyanadhi201908/01/2019
Why I am a BuddhistVarious201908/01/2019
Wisdom: The View From the SummitSarvatajnana201807/12/2018
Taking Up the Flame201826/11/2018
Taking Up the FlameKalyanadhi201826/11/2018
Passing On the FlameRatnaghosha201826/11/2018
Worldly Winds: Praise & BlameShubhanaga201826/11/2018
Mindfulness: The Balancing FacultyAmritavani201823/11/2018
Meditation: Experience Is Led by MindKuladipa201816/11/2018
Introduction to the Five Spiritual FacultiesRatnaghosha201805/10/2018
Padmasambhava and the Naga KingVidyasakhi201828/09/2018
Taking Obstacles Onto the PathVarious201828/09/2018
What Asking For Ordination Means to MeVarious201814/09/2018
The Simple Life In the CityShubhanaga201814/09/2018
Why Right Livelihood?Keturaja201804/09/2018
Transforming Ignorance Into WisdomSamamati201824/08/2018
More and More of Less and LessRatnaghosha201817/08/2018
Changing Hatred Into CompassionSamudraghosa201817/08/2018
Covetousness to TranquilityVidyasakhi201820/07/2018
The Power of WordsAmarachandra201806/07/2018
Stillness, Simplicity and ContentmentViryajyoti201822/06/2018
Open Handed GenerosityRatnaghosha201808/06/2018
Deeds of Loving KindnessJohn Turner201825/05/2018
The Importance of the Ten PreceptsRatnaghosha201818/05/2018
The Alchemical BuddhaSatyapara201814/05/2018
The Dhamma Revolution, Karuna and MeSanghanath201820/04/2018
The Arising of the BodhicittaSanghadevi201830/03/2018
Stream EntryRatnaghosha201816/03/2018
Going For RefugeArthapriya201802/03/2018
What Is the Point?Sarvatajnana201823/02/2018
The Meaning of Spiritual CommunitySubhadramati201816/02/2018
What Meditation Means to MeVarious201809/02/2018
What Meditation Really IsMaitreyabandhu201802/02/2018
The Ideal of Human EnlightenmSaddhanandi201826/01/2018
Conversion and EnlightenmentRatnaghosha201819/01/2018
The Bodhisattva's Practice - Six PerfectionsRatnaghosha201812/01/2018
Going For RefugeRatnaghosha201724/11/2017
Beneficial ActivityViryajyoti201720/10/2017
The Importance of Dr Ambedkar In the Western WorldVajratara201716/10/2017
The Art of Listening - WorkshopCittamodani201713/10/2017
Kindly SpeechAmritavani201706/10/2017
Who Is Padmasambhava?Prasannavira201702/10/2017
Skilful Means of the BodhisattvaRatnaghosha201715/09/2017
Imagining the Tantric GatheringPadmavajra201701/09/2017
Tantric Path - The Wheel of LifeSuryagupta201718/08/2017
Tantric Path - The Symbolism of ColourAhimsaka201715/08/2017
The Tantric Path - The VajraDharmasiddhi201715/08/2017
The Tantric Path - The Cremation GroundVidyasakhi201715/08/2017
The Tantric Path - The StupaAmarachandra201721/07/2017
Mindful EmotionParamabandhu201726/05/2017
Green TaraTejasvini201723/05/2017
What To Rely On In Our Dharma LivesAkasati201703/05/2017
Dr BR Amedkar, Urgyen Sangharakshita and Entering the Stream of the DhammaMahamati201724/04/2017
Looking Back - Pictures of the PastVessantara201724/04/2017
Looking AheadMaitridaka201724/04/2017
A Buddhist View: Current World ProblemsMaitreyabandhu201731/03/2017
Why I Am An Order Member201724/03/2017
Cambridge Science Festival TalksJnanavaca201720/03/2017
The True IndividualSubhadramati201717/02/2017
Why I Joined the Order201710/02/2017
The Group and the Spiritual CommunityParami201703/02/2017
Awareness of RealityRatnaghosha201602/12/2016
Love Without IllusionsVijayamala201618/11/2016
Different Flowers In the Same Garden201615/11/2016
Finding Out Who We Really AreRatnadharini201604/11/2016
Dr Ambedkar: A Buddhist For the Modern WorldSamudraghosa201618/10/2016
The Four Dimensions of AwarenessRatnaghosha201614/10/2016
From Adversity to Gratitude - and BeyondDevamitra201626/09/2016
Poetry & the Spiritual LifeMaitreyabandhu201625/08/2016
Getting Out of the WayRatnaghosha201627/07/2016
Every Day Is Dharma DayRatnaghosha201627/07/2016
A Buddha Like No OtherRatnaghosha201615/07/2016
The Victorious OneRatnaghosha201601/07/2016
Choosing the BestRatnaghosha201620/06/2016
Abundance, Simplicity and SharingVessantara201610/06/2016
All Things Great And SmallRatnaghosha201607/06/2016
Opening the Mind's EyeRatnaguna201607/06/2016
From Getting Going To Letting GoRatnaghosha201620/05/2016
Buddhism and the ArtsTaradasa201622/04/2016
A Network of FriendshipsArthasiddhi201612/04/2016
A Body of PracticeSatyapara201611/04/2016
Aspects of Going For RefugeVessantara201601/04/2016
Spreading the MushroomsSraddhagita201625/03/2016
Steering For the DeepVessantara201622/03/2016
Ferrying AcrossVessantara201611/03/2016
The Empty BoatVessantara201611/03/2016
Commitment Is KeyAryajaya201617/02/2016
Ordination and the Unity of the SanghaSubhadramati201617/02/2016
The Unity of BuddhismVajraketu201622/01/2016
Who Was the BuddhaAmalasiddhi201618/01/2016
The Six Distinctive Features of TriratnaRatnaghosha201615/01/2016
The Mandala of Aesthetic AppreciationRatnaghosha201501/12/2015
The Greater Mandala of Aesthetic AppreciationMaitreyabandhu201523/11/2015
White TaraAmarachandra201506/11/2015
Book Launch of The Journey and the Guide and YarnMaitreyabandhu201519/10/2015
Bhante As TeacherRatnaghosha201518/08/2015
The Way to the BeyondSanghadevi201524/07/2015
The Mustard SeedViryajyoti201521/07/2015
The Taming of the ShrewdSamamati201507/07/2015
He Knew He Was Right a Talk On the Meghiya SuttaRatnaghosha201516/06/2015
The Buddha In the Pali CanonRatnaghosha201502/06/2015
What Buddhas DoMaitreyi201531/03/2015
Universes Colliding - The Meeting of Science and BuddhismRatnaprabha201517/03/2015
The Four SightsRatnaghosha201527/01/2015
Ritual and Devotion. A Four Week CourseVessantara201415/12/2014
Fifteen Reflections On LifeRatnaghosha201411/11/2014
Year of Spiritual Community TalksVarious201410/11/2014
Intergration and Spiritual CommunitySamamati201410/11/2014
Risking It All - Sangha As PracticeArthapriya201406/06/2014
Climbing the Mountain - Alone Or TogetherArthapriya201406/06/2014
Echoes From the Deep - Sangha As CommunicationArthapriya201406/06/2014
Fifteen Reflections On DeathRatnaghosha201421/02/2014
Freedom of HeartDhivan201318/11/2013
An Ever Widening CircleRatnaghosha201318/11/2013
A Limited OfferVessantara201301/11/2013
Dhamma Revolution Day - Dr Ambedka and Buddhism In IndiaSaddharaja201329/10/2013
Born LuckyVessantara201325/10/2013
Poetry East - The Crumb RoadMaitreyabandhu201304/10/2013
Not About Being GoodSubhadramati201330/09/2013
Demons For Every OccasionRatnaghosha201318/09/2013
Truly, Madly, Deeply 2 - Working with Romantic RelationshipsVajradevi201312/07/2013
With a Little Help From My Friends - Spiritual Friendship In the Context of Team Based Right LivelihoodAryajaya201309/07/2013
Solitude Loneliness and Kalyana MitrataSarvananda201302/07/2013
Friendships At the Buddhist CentreSagaraghosa201302/07/2013
Never Turn AwayCandrasri201314/06/2013
Kalyana Mitrata - Talks to the Cambridge SanghaSubhuti201304/06/2013
Kalyana Mitrata - Talks to the Cambridge OrderSubhuti201303/06/2013
Kalyana Mitrata - My Relationship with SangharakshitaSubhuti201301/06/2013
Buddha Day Talk 2013Subhuti201331/05/2013
The Buddha Was a Friend As We Can Be a FriendPadmasuri201318/03/2013
A Helping Hand - Spiritual Friendship and Our Ethical LifeRatnaghosha201308/03/2013
Kalyana Mitrata - What Else You Gonna DoVidyasiddhi201325/02/2013
Kalyana Mitrata - Truly, Madly, DeeplyVajradevi201319/02/2013
What Do Buddhists Think - EconomicsJayarava201229/10/2012
What Do Buddhists Think - The MindRatnaprabha201223/10/2012
What Do Buddhists Think - PhysicsSagaraghosa201212/10/2012
What Do Buddhists Think - The ArtsVajrasadhu201212/10/2012
Celebrating Awakening In the WorldVajrapriya201201/05/2012
The Nature of RealityArthapriya201007/09/2011
The Compassionate MindRuchiraketu201107/09/2011
The Blissful MindVajradevi201107/09/2011
The Liberated MindSagaraghosa201107/09/2011
The Selfless MindVajrapriya201107/09/2011
Tasting the Bliss of LiberationPadmavajra201118/05/2011
A Challenge to the Modern WorldSagaraghosa201003/01/2011
Living a Meaningful LifeVajrapriya201003/01/2011
The Nature of RealityArthapriya201003/01/2011
Introducing the Imagination - Cambridge Study Weekend OverviewSubhuti201022/10/2010
Imagining the Buddha - Cambridge Study Weekend 5Subhuti201021/10/2010
The Role of Art and Aesthetics In the Imagination - Cambridge Study Weekend 4Subhuti201021/10/2010
Imagination and the Animate World - Cambridge Study Weekend 3Subhuti201021/10/2010
The History of the Imagination In the West - Cambridge Study Weekend 2Subhuti201020/10/2010
The History of the Imagination In the West - Cambridge Study Weekend 1Subhuti201020/10/2010
Ambedkar Day 2010 In CambridgeSubhuti201015/10/2010
The Demon of NarcissismArthapriya201024/09/2010
The Demon of MaterialismMaitrighosa201024/09/2010
The Demon of ChoiceAryadhara201024/09/2010
Descend with the View, Ascend with the ConductVajrapriya200924/09/2010
Sangha Night May 2010Vajrapriya201030/06/2010
Six Element Practice and the Dhatuvibhanga suttaKulaprabha200710/12/2009
Truth and Dogma in the Search for FreedomRijumati200930/09/2009
What Do We Really Know About the Buddha?Dhivan200813/08/2009
Chatral Sangye DorjeDharmavira199708/09/2008