The culmination of wisdom is freedom from all views

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buddhafield east

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Introducing the Sangha JewelAmalaketu201214/09/2012
Introducing the Buddha JewelKarunadhi201214/09/2012
Introducing the Dharma JewelDharmashalin201213/09/2012
Introducing the BuddhafieldLokabandhu201212/09/2012
A Little Talk About FairiesAmrta201129/09/2011
Net of JewelsSaddhaloka201029/09/2011
Mandala of JewelsSaddhaloka201029/09/2011
May All Your Weeds Be WildflowersSanghamani201127/09/2011
Sanghamani Leads The Metta Bhavana MeditationSanghamani201026/01/2011
Sanghamani Leads the Mindfulness of BreathingSanghamani201026/01/2011
Spontaneous ActivityLokeshvara201020/10/2010
Gesture of FearlessnessLokeshvara201028/09/2010
Double Vajra - Unifying ContradictionsLokeshvara201027/09/2010
The Four GiftsPadmavajra201011/05/2010