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brixton buddhist centre

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Breaking Through Mechanical Time and Rational ThinkingViryanaga201714/02/2017
Breaking Through Psychological ConditioningSuddhaka201714/02/2017
Buddhist Reflections on Impermanence and DeathVajratara202014/02/2020
The Eightfold PathAmarapuspa201628/03/2017
Figures From the Refuge Tree - Hui NengRatnachuda201716/09/2017
Figures From the Refuge Tree - KukaiViryanaga201716/09/2017
Introducing the Refuge TreeSuddhaka201716/09/2017
Living At RivendellRatnachuda201716/09/2017
Mindfulness of Art, Objects and Nature (LWFA Week 6)Viryanaga201716/09/2017
Mindfulness of Citta (LWFA Week 4)Viryanaga201716/09/2017
Mindfulness of Dhammas (LWFA Week 5)Viryanaga201716/09/2017
Mindfulness of Others (LWFA Week 7)Viryanaga201716/09/2017
Mindfulness of Reality (LWFA Week 8)Viryanaga201716/09/2017
Mindfulness of the Body and Its Movements (LWFA Week 2)Viryanaga201716/09/2017
Mindfulness of Vedana (LWFA Week 3)Viryanaga201716/09/2017
Perfect ActionSuddhaka201728/03/2017
Perfect EffortViryanaga201728/03/2017
Perfect LivelihoodSuddhaka201728/03/2017
Perfect SamadhiSuddhaka201716/09/2017
Perfect Samadhi - The Middle Way of ConcentrationAmarapuspa201715/04/2017
The Refuge Tree of Reverence and RespectSubhadramati201716/09/2017
Transcending Gender and Embracing LiberationShakyapada201920/11/2019