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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Taking Exactly What Appears As The PathPrasannavira201323/09/2013
Taking Obstacles Onto the PathVarious201828/09/2018
Taking Refuge In The BuddhaSubhuti201528/03/2015
Taking Up the FlameKalyanadhi201826/11/2018
Taking Up the Flame201826/11/2018
The Tale of Maha-KassapaAmoghavajra201020/06/2012
Tales of a Free Spirit - 45 Years of the Buddha's LifeVajrasara200601/05/2008
Tales of Freedom - Part 1Vessantara200009/09/2011
Tales of Freedom - Part 2Vessantara200009/09/2011
Tales of Freedom - Part 3Vessantara200009/09/2011
Tales of Freedom - Part 4Vessantara200009/09/2011
Tales of Freedom - Part 5Vessantara200009/09/2011
Talk 1 ; Understanding Hindrances In MeditationSubhuti201927/03/2019
Talk 1: Setting Up, Relaxing ControlParamananda201821/09/2018
Talk 2: Becoming OurselvesParamananda201818/09/2018
Talk 2; Connection Between Buddha, Babasaheb and BhanteSubhuti201927/03/2019
Talk 3: Four Efforts In MeditationSubhuti201927/03/2019
Talk 3: Letting Go and Coming Back ChangedParamananda201818/09/2018
Talk 4: The Colours of TransformationParamananda201818/09/2018
Talk 4; Laws of KarmaSubhuti201927/03/2019
Talk 5: Telling Our StoriesParamananda201818/09/2018
Talk 6: Alchemical WhiteParamananda201818/09/2018
Talk 7: Alchemical YellowParamananda201821/09/2018
Talk 8: Opening Up the ImaginationParamananda201821/09/2018
Talk On the 6 Element PracticeSubhuti201924/04/2019
A Talk on the BodhicaryavataraVadanya201011/10/2010
Talking On AirRatnaprabha201605/10/2016
Talks From Open Studios - Awareness Through the LensVarious201919/08/2019
The Taming of the ShrewdSamamati201507/07/2015
Tantra For the Modern WorldSatyajyoti201917/10/2019
The Tantric Path - The Cremation GroundVidyasakhi201715/08/2017
The Tantric Path - The StupaAmarachandra201721/07/2017
Tantric Path - The Symbolism of ColourAhimsaka201715/08/2017
The Tantric Path - The VajraDharmasiddhi201715/08/2017
Tantric Path - The Wheel of LifeSuryagupta201718/08/2017
Tantric ScroogeVadanya201918/12/2019
The Tantric Symbolism of the StupaSangharakshita197221/08/2006
Tantric Symbols Week 12 - The Stupa Pt 1Silapiya201403/06/2014
Tantric Symbols Week 13 - The Stupa Pt 2Subhadramati201419/06/2014
Tantric Symbols Week 14Padmavajra201419/06/2014
Tantric Symbols Week 3Subhadramati201425/03/2014
Tara - Virya BuddhaVanaraji201101/07/2011
Tara and the All Accomplishing WisdomMaitrivajri201607/05/2021
Tara and the Tears of AvalokiteshvaraSahajatara201505/04/2016
Tara MantraTaraloka Community202016/07/2020
Tara Mantra - 2 PartTaraloka Community202102/02/2021
Taraloka Energy Project InterviewsKulaprabha201029/06/2010
The Taste of FreedomSangharakshita197920/08/2006
The Taste Of FreedomSilapiya201210/09/2012
The Taste of FreedomSanghajata201930/08/2019
Taste of Freedom: Introduction to Buddhism - EthicsLokabandhu201814/08/2018
Taste of Freedom: Introduction to Buddhism - MeditationMoksatara201814/08/2018
Taste of Freedom: Introduction to Buddhism - WisdomDanaraja201814/08/2018
The Taste of Freedom; Celebrating SangharakshitaDayabhadra201512/08/2015
Tasting the Bliss of LiberationPadmavajra201118/05/2011
Tayata Om Muni Muni Maha Muniye SohaTaraloka Community202016/07/2020
Teachers of Enlightenment - Part 1Kulananda (Michael Chaskalson)201908/05/2019
Teachers of Enlightenment - Part 2Kulananda (Michael Chaskalson)201908/05/2019
Teachings From a Spiritual FriendPadmavajra201212/04/2012
The Teachings of VairocanaVadanya201109/02/2011
Technologies of the SelfMatt Drage201802/02/2018
The Ten Pillars - Introducing the First Part of the PaperPadmavajra201415/03/2015
The Ten Pillars of BuddhismSangharakshita198421/08/2006
The Ten Pillars of Buddhism Part 1Padmavajra201827/08/2018
The Tender Gravity of KindnessMaitridevi201409/11/2014
The Tender Gravity of KindnessRatnaguna201529/10/2015
Terpenie 2Nagabodhi201901/11/2019
Terpenie 3Nagabodhi202024/01/2020
The Texture of RealitySangharakshita196620/08/2006
The Texture of RealityJnanavaca201621/04/2016
The Texture of Reality - Part IIDevamitra201628/04/2016
Thane TalkSubhuti200423/08/2006
Thane Youth TalkSubhuti200423/08/2006
Thank God It's Empty! Falling In Love with a Burning World.Saraha201928/06/2019
That Which Dies and That Which Rises From the AshesDanadasa201929/09/2019
That's What Bodhisattvas DoPadmavajra201913/01/2019
That's Where The Energy IsSaddharaja201207/03/2012
Themes From the Mahaparinibbana SuttaAmarachandra202126/02/2021
Themes From the Vimalakirti Nidesa Week 3Subhadramati201210/12/2012
Themes From the Vimalakirti NirdeshaJayabodhi201601/08/2016
There Ain't Nothing Here But Us Chickens (Urban Retreat 2012)Maitreyabandhu201220/09/2012
There Is No Spiritual Life Without Spiritual DeathBhadra201524/06/2015
The Therigatha and the Problem of SelfDassini201013/06/2012
The TherisVimalavajri201613/12/2016
The Third Precept - Sexual MisconductVimalasara201315/01/2014
This Being Day 1, The Principle of ConditionalityDhivan201408/04/2014
This Being Day 2, The Application of ConditionalityDhivan201408/04/2014
This Being Day 3, The Structure of ExperienceDhivan201408/04/2014
This Being Day 4, How Views and Emotions AriseDhivan201408/04/2014
This Being Day 5, The Spiral PathDhivan201409/04/2014
This Being Day 6, How Everything Ties TogetherDhivan201410/04/2014
This Being Led Meditation 1Dhivan201408/04/2014
This Being Led Meditation 2Yashobodhi201408/04/2014
This Being Led Meditation 3Dhivan201408/04/2014
This Being Led Meditation 4Nayaka201409/04/2014
This Being Led Meditation 5Nayaka201410/04/2014
This Being, That Becomes - a Five-Week SeminarJnanavaca Lilamani Dhivan201124/10/2011
This Is a Place For White TaraVaddhaka202008/04/2020
This Precious Human LifeKulaprabha200808/06/2008
This Precious OpportunityRatnaprabha202015/09/2020
This Way Up – Living the Spiral Path.Saraha201030/10/2010
Thoughts As Sense ObjectsSinghashri201706/10/2017
Thoughts On PujaAmrta201027/09/2010
The Thread of All SorrowsPrasadachitta201730/05/2017
Three Diaphragm Breath EnquiryVidyamala201926/09/2019
The Three Family ProtectorsVidyavachin202023/04/2020
The Three Jewels - Part 1Sangharakshita199111/10/2011
The Three Jewels - Part 2Sangharakshita199110/10/2011
The Three Jewels - Part 3Sangharakshita199111/10/2011
The Three Jewels - Part 4Sangharakshita199111/10/2011
The Three Jewels - Part 5Sangharakshita199111/10/2011
The Three Jewels - Part 6Sangharakshita199111/10/2011
The Three Jewels - Part 7Sangharakshita199111/10/2011
Three Jewels Buddhism - Finding the Heart of the Dharma TraditionsVishvapani200802/06/2008
The Three Jewels In the Threefold Puja. Questions and Answers.Subhuti201401/05/2015
The Three Jewels In the Threefold Puja. Talk 1Subhuti201401/05/2015
The Three Jewels In the Threefold Puja. Talk 2Subhuti201401/05/2015
The Three Jewels In the Threefold Puja. Talk 3Subhuti201401/05/2015
The Three Jewels In the Threefold Puja. Talk 4Subhuti201401/05/2015
The Three Jewels Meet the Climate EmergencyDayajoti201824/12/2018
The Three Jewels Meet the Climate Emergency - A Talk From AmrtanadiAmrtanadi201824/12/2018
The Three Jewels Meet the Climate Emergency - A Talk From Rowan TillyRowan Tilly201824/12/2018
The Three Jewels Meet the Climate Emergency - A Talk From TaranitaTaranita201824/12/2018
The Three Jewels of BuddhismVajratara201014/10/2010
The Three LakshanasDhivajri (Rachel Kahn)200823/10/2008
The Three Lakshanas: AnattaSaddhaloka200624/03/2008
The Three Lakshanas: AnityaJnanaketu200624/03/2008
The Three Lakshanas: DukkhaAbhaya200624/03/2008
Three Myths Final WordsJnanavaca and Maitreyabandhu202014/10/2020
Three Myths of the Spiritual LifeSubhuti200308/04/2021
Three Paths to Transformation: Self Development, Self Discovery, Self SurrenderSinghamati201909/10/2019
Three Personal EncountersVarious speakers201912/06/2019
Three Personal SlogansMoksatara Maitrivasin201915/04/2019
Three Personal Talks: Realms of the WheelVarious202005/02/2020
Three Perspectives On the Practice of Spiritual FriendshipVarious201024/11/2010
The Three Protectors: AvalokitesvaraParami202112/04/2021
The Three Protectors: ManjusriParami202117/03/2021
The Three Protectors: VajrapaniParami202112/04/2021
Three Reasons For ConversionSubhuti200804/04/2010
Three Stage Metta BhavanaMaitrisara201928/08/2019
Three Stories From Early Buddhism to Help In Troubling TimesVaddhaka202027/03/2020
Threefold Puja On the Nidana ChainSuryadarshini201818/01/2021
Tibetan Book of the Dead (Talk 2): On Hell and Hungry GhostsPadmavajra200524/03/2008
Tibetan Book of the Dead (Talk 3): On Jealous Gods and AnimalsPadmavajra200524/03/2008
Tibetan Book of the Dead (Talk 4): On Gods and MenPadmavajra200524/03/2008
Tibetan Book of the Dead (Talk 4): The Six Bardos - RemixedPadmavajra200531/03/2008
Tibetan Book of the Dead (Talk 6): Akshobya and RatnasambhavaPadmavajra200524/03/2008
Tibetan Book of the Dead (Talk 7): Amitabha and AmoghasiddhiPadmavajra200524/03/2008
Tibetan Book of the Dead (Talk 8): The Wise and Glorious KingPadmavajra200524/03/2008
Tibetan Book the Dead: Talk 1 - The Six BardosPadmavajra200524/03/2008
Tibetan Buddhist MeditationSangharakshita196820/08/2006
The Tiger's CavePadmavajra200424/03/2008
Time to Fall, Time to FlowSona200510/02/2010
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy…reflections of Livelihood and the Networks That Sustain UsPasannamati202102/07/2021
The Tiny Splash of a RaindropDhammadinna201905/03/2019
Tiratanavandana Morning Chanting At PadmalokaVarious202022/06/2020
Tiratna Vanada 3- Dhamma VandanaSubhuti201113/03/2011
The Tiratna Vandana 1- Mirror of the Dhamma and HommageSubhuti201113/03/2011
The Tiratna Vandana 2- Buddha VandanaSubhuti201113/03/2011
The Tiratna Vandana 4- Sangha VandanaSubhuti201113/03/2011
The Tiratna Vandana 5- Questions and AnswersSubhuti201114/03/2011
To All Life Is Dear - Verses From The Dhammapada 2Padmavajra201208/08/2012
To the Sangha For Refuge I GoJnanavaca201127/12/2011
Tonglen Is a Warrior PracticeVessantara201921/11/2019
Tonglen Practice Looking ForwardsVessantara201922/11/2019
Tonglen RetreatSaddhanandi201422/03/2014
Tonglen Retreat Day 2, Creating a Bigger ContainerSaddhanandi201423/03/2014
Tonglen Retreat Day 3, Self-TonglenSaddhanandi201424/03/2014
Tonglen Retreat Day 4, Tonglen For OthersSaddhanandi201425/03/2014
Tonglen Retreat Day 5, Remembering the Bodhichitta In Everyday LifeYashobodhi201426/03/2014
Tonglen Retreat Day 6, Being PresentSaddhanandi201427/03/2014
Tonglen Retreat Led Meditation Day 2Saddhanandi201423/03/2014
Tonglen Retreat Led Meditation Day 2Saddhanandi201424/03/2014
Tonglen Retreat Led Meditaton, Day 5Yashobodhi201426/03/2014
Tonglen, Giving and ReceivingVessantara202011/01/2021
Touching Earth: Buddhist Care of NatureSravaniya202019/12/2020
Touching Enlightenment Through MudraSuryadarshini201918/01/2021
Touching the Earth PujaSuryadarshini201913/08/2019
Touching the Earth with LoveGunopeta202020/12/2020
Touching the VoidJnanavaca200424/03/2008
Towards an Earth CommunityAkuppa200601/05/2008
Towards Insight - Contemplation of ImpermanenceDayanandi and Ratnaguna200912/04/2009
Towards Insight - Contemplations of the BuddhaDayanandi and Ratnaguna200912/04/2009
Towards the BuddhaSubhuti201403/01/2014
Training For Ordination in the System of Spiritual DisciplineSubhuti201224/01/2012
Training For Ordination In the System of Spiritual Discipline Q and ASubhuti201224/01/2012
Training in Dana and Sila - The Example of BabasahebSubhuti200917/12/2009
Training In EthicsPadmavajra200826/11/2008
Training in MeditationPadmavajra200805/06/2009
Training in the Six Paramitas: Dana - the Perfection of GenerosityPadmavajra200424/03/2008
Training in the Six Paramitas: Kshanti - The Perfection of PatiencePadmavajra200424/03/2008
Training in the Six Paramitas: Prajna - View, Practice and FruitPadmavajra200424/03/2008
Training in the Six Paramitas: Samadhi - On the Arising of the BodhichittaPadmavajra200424/03/2008
Training in the Six Paramitas: Shila - The Essence of EthicsPadmavajra200431/03/2008
Training in the Six Paramitas: Virya - The Perfection of EnergyPadmavajra200424/03/2008
Training In WisdomSatyajyoti201914/04/2019
Training in WisdomPadmavajra200805/06/2009
Training the Mind In Bodhicitta, Intro and Point 1Yashobodhi201707/10/2017
Training the Mind In Bodhicitta, Led Meditation Day 1Yashobodhi201707/10/2017
Training the Mind In Bodhicitta, Led Meditation Day 3: Working with Difficult SituationsYashobodhi201709/10/2017
Training the Mind In Bodhicitta, Led Meditation Day 4Yashobodhi201710/10/2017
Training the Mind In Bodhicitta, Led Meditation Day 5Yashobodhi201711/10/2017
Training the Mind In Bodhicitta, Led Meditation Day 6Yashobodhi201712/10/2017
Training the Mind In Bodhicitta, Point 2 Absolute Bodhicitta InstructionsYashobodhi201708/10/2017
Training the Mind In Bodhicitta, Point 2 Relative Bodhicitta Instructions Plus Led PracticeYashobodhi201708/10/2017
Training the Mind In Bodhicitta, Point 3 Working with AdversitiesYashobodhi201709/10/2017
Training the Mind In Bodhicitta, Point 4 Using the Practice In Whole LifeYashobodhi201710/10/2017
Training the Mind In Bodhicitta, Point 5 Evaluation of the Mind TrainingYashobodhi201711/10/2017
Training the Mind In Bodhicitta, Point 6 Discipline and 7 AdviceYashobodhi201712/10/2017
Tranquillity, Imagination and InsightKamalashila201202/05/2012
The TranscendentNagapriya202024/10/2020
The Transcendental Critique of ReligionSangharakshita197921/08/2006
The Transcendental Critique of Religion (Dharma Night Class)Subhadramati201226/09/2012
The Transcendental Eightfold PathSangharakshita199420/08/2006
Transcendental Refuge In the Time of Covid-19Candrika202021/07/2020
The Transcendental Subject and the Five AspectsSubhuti201316/08/2013
Transcendental Subject and Transcendental ObjectSubhuti201315/08/2013
Transcending Gender and Embracing LiberationShakyapada201920/11/2019
Transcending ParadigmsKhemasuri201411/09/2014
Transcending the Human PredicamentSangharakshita197120/08/2006
Transference of Merit and Self SurrenderDevamitra201914/03/2019
Transference of Merit and Self-SurrenderVijayasri201604/12/2016
Transformation: Letting In the LightKalyanamati201809/10/2018
The Transformational Practice of Going On RetreatSinghamati201703/02/2017
The Transformative Benefits of AppealsKusaladevi201704/10/2017
Transformative Collaboration: Matrix of BodhicittaGuhyapati201622/02/2017
The Transformative Group: A Fugitive EquillibriumGuhyapati201621/02/2017
The Transformative Power of Acceptance and LoveShakyapada201921/04/2019
Transforming Ignorance Into WisdomSamamati201824/08/2018
Transforming in the Light of our VisionDayanandi201118/04/2011
Transforming Our Poisons - Liberating Our ChoicesShraddhavani202021/12/2020
Transforming Poison-A Personal TalkTom Connolly201925/05/2019
Transforming Sangha (Triratna International Gathering 2019)Sanghamani201925/08/2019
Transforming Self (Triratna International Gathering 2019)Ratnaguna201924/08/2019
Transforming Self and World Part 1: The Luminous MindAkuppa202021/07/2020
Transforming Self and World Part 2: Buddhist PoliticsAkuppa202021/07/2020
Transforming the GodsPadmavajra200908/01/2010
Transforming the WorldKhemasuri200806/03/2013
Transforming World (Triratna International Gathering 2019)Prasadacarin201925/08/2019
The Transitoriness of Life and the Certainty of DeathVajradarshini200524/03/2008
Tree Meditation No. 1 - ArrivalMaitridevi202131/03/2021
Tree Meditation No. 2 - RootingMaitridevi202131/03/2021
Tree Meditation No. 3 - HeartwoodMaitridevi202131/03/2021
Tree Meditation No. 4 - NourishmentMaitridevi202131/03/2021
Tree Meditation No. 5 - Tree-GazingMaitridevi202131/03/2021
The Tree of Refuge and RespectPadmavajra201331/05/2013
Tribute to Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar - SangharamaSubhuti201918/02/2020
The Trikaya, Sadhana and Vipashyana Shubha202010/04/2020
Triratna As Ecumenical: What Does This Mean?Suvannavira202019/12/2020
Triratna BuddhismVadanya201026/10/2010
Triratna Day - Dhardo Rinpoche, Stupa Building and SanghaNagabodhi201410/04/2014
Triratna Emphases - Going For RefugeJnanavaca201330/07/2013
Triratna Emphases - Spiritual FriendshipPadmavajra201325/07/2013
Triratna Emphases - Spiritual FriendshipSilapiya201313/08/2013
Triratna Emphases - The ArtsDayabhadra201313/08/2013
The Triratna Emphasis On Going For RefugeDhammarati201301/12/2013
Triratna In the Bardo: Bhante and the Order In 2017Vishvapani201722/08/2017
Triratna LiturgyPadmapriya201415/11/2014
Triratna Sangha in India and the Work of the India Dhamma TrustTarahridaya201617/01/2017
Triratna@50 - For the Welfare of the WorldSubhuti201710/04/2017
Trouble In the SanghaVishvapani201111/11/2011
The True IndividualSubhadramati201717/02/2017
The True Nature of All DharmasDanadasa201914/04/2021
A True StoryRatnaprabha201130/03/2011
Truly, Madly, Deeply 2 - Working with Romantic RelationshipsVajradevi201312/07/2013
Trusting In the Dhamma NiyamaSubhuti201025/08/2010
The Truth About RealityVadanya200707/02/2013
Truth and Dogma in the Search for FreedomRijumati200930/09/2009
The Tumble Dryer of KarmaMoksatara202015/01/2020
Tuning In to the BuddhafieldKamalashila201002/09/2010
The Turning About in the Deepest Seat of ConsciousnessSangharakshita196508/09/2006
Turning the Wheel of the DharmaDharmasakhya201325/07/2013
Turning Towards Spiritual Death with MettaBhadra201802/10/2018
Twentieth Century BodhisattvaDayajoti201609/07/2016
Twenty Four Nidana ReflectionDhivan200920/12/2009
Twenty Years In the Western Buddhist OrderManjusvara200728/08/2020
Twenty Years on the Middle WaySangharakshita198721/08/2006
The Twenty-Four NidanasSangharakshita199420/08/2006
The Two ArrowsSatyalila201921/10/2019
The Two Arrows: Dukkha to Insight - Introductions From the TeamNagabodhi202026/11/2020
The Two Arrows: Dukkha to Insight - Introductory Meditation Vimalacitta202026/11/2020
Two Challenges and a WarningArthapriya201017/11/2010
Two Conversations About KalyanamitrataVarious201318/06/2013