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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
The Pabbaja Sutta; The Buddha's Going ForthAchala201310/06/2013
Pabbajja SuttaAchala201229/11/2012
Padmasambhava and the King of TibetVajratara200727/08/2008
Padmasambhava and the Magic Of CompassionPadmavajra200624/03/2008
Padmasambhava and the Naga KingVidyasaki201828/09/2018
Padmasambhava and the Sacred GrovesSuriyavamsa200927/07/2011
Padmasambhava and the Six Bardos Q&APadmavajra201902/10/2019
Padmasambhava DayPadmavajra200402/12/2006
Padmasambhava Day Symposium201930/09/2019
Padmasambhava Day TalkPadmavajra201218/09/2012
Padmasambhava Day TalkArthaketu201309/04/2013
Padmasambhava Festival 2018Manjuvajra201821/04/2019
Padmasambhava in the Land of the Flesh EatersPadmavajra200908/01/2010
Padmasambhava Practice – a Personal UnfoldingVessantara201719/06/2018
Padmasambhava TalkSangharakshita197921/08/2006
Padmasambhava Transforming Gods and DemonsPadmavajra200806/03/2013
Padmasambhava's Advice On Moving Into New YearKarunagita201922/01/2020
Padmasambhava's Advice to the Three Fortunate WomenPadmolka201010/07/2012
Padmasambhava, Historical, Poetical, Practical.Dharmashalin201423/10/2014
Padmasambhava, Is He Real, What Is His Gift to the World. You, Are You Real, What Is Your Gift to the WorldSaraha201423/10/2014
Padmasambhava: Tantric Guru of TibetSangharakshita197221/08/2006
Padmasambhavas Refusal to Make Obeisance to the King of TibetVarious201525/09/2015
Padmavajra - Introducing BuddhismPadmavajra201530/08/2015
Padmavajra - Reflections On SanghaPadmavajra201626/01/2016
Padmavajra - Sangharakshita His Life and WorkPadmavajra201515/07/2015
Pagan Shaman Buddha: A Spiritual Path for our TimeLokabandhu201129/09/2011
Pain and SufferingRatnaguna201013/04/2010
Painting the VoidAbhayavajra201319/02/2013
The Parable of the Burning HousePadmavajra200808/02/2013
The Parable of The Burning HouseDevamitra201905/11/2019
The Parable of the Good PhysicianDevamitra201912/12/2019
The Parable of the Rain CloudAmoghavajra200201/05/2008
The Parable of The Rain CloudJayaka201918/11/2019
Parables From the White Lotus Sutra - the Burning HouseJnanavaca201508/04/2015
A Paradise Built In HellVaddhaka202002/04/2020
Paramaszanti Co Mi Daje BuddyzmParamashanti201111/06/2012
Parami - Buddha Day Festival TalkParami201616/05/2016
Parami’s Personal Wishlist For the Next 20 YearsParami201912/12/2019
Parenting and the Brahma ViharasLilapa201825/06/2018
Parinirvana 2018Bodhidasa201830/01/2019
Parinirvana Day 2019: A Life Well LivedVarious201922/02/2019
Parinirvana Day 2020 - Talks On 'change'Various202021/02/2020
Parinirvana Day Talks201617/02/2016
Parinirvana Day: Reflections on DeathPriyavadita201219/06/2012
A Particular Presentation of the DharmaSubhuti201923/09/2019
Pass It On!Carol Robertson201826/05/2018
Passing On the FlameRatnaghosha201826/11/2018
Path As Symbol: Meditation As Personal JourneySinghashri201707/10/2017
Path of FreedomPrajnaketu201923/09/2019
The Path of KindnessBodhinaga201924/05/2019
The Path of Regular Steps and the Path of Irregular StepsSangharakshita197421/08/2006
The Path of the Buddha's DelightSamantabhadri200909/06/2009
The Path to Buddhist EngagementParami201627/06/2016
The Path to EnlightenmentMaitreyabandhu200621/02/2011
Pathways to the Beautiful Mind: Introduction to the Theme of the Bristol Buddhist Centre Rains RetreatVajradevi201927/04/2019
Patience and EnergyLokeshvara200819/02/2009
The Patience of the Deep Blue AkshobhyaParamabandhu201924/12/2019
The Pattern of Buddhist Life and WorkSangharakshita196620/08/2006
Peace Is a FireSinghamati201505/04/2016
Peace Is a FireSujayini201505/04/2016
Peace Is a FireJnanavaca201917/09/2019
Peaceful VajrapaniViryadevi202009/09/2020
Penelope Shuttle In Interviewed by Maitreyabandhu At Poetry EastMaitreyabandhu201127/01/2011
People of Loving KindnessPadmavajra200813/05/2008
Perfect ActionSuddhaka201728/03/2017
Perfect AwarenessMitrananda201504/03/2015
Perfect EffortViryanaga201728/03/2017
Perfect Imperfection - SubhadramatiSubhadramati201930/11/2019
Perfect LivelihoodSuddhaka201728/03/2017
Perfect SamadhiSuddhaka201716/09/2017
Perfect Samadhi - The Middle Way of ConcentrationAmarapuspa201715/04/2017
Perfect Vision - How Far Can You Go?Akashamitra202022/01/2020
Perfecting Effort, Meditation and WisdomPadmavajra200821/05/2009
Perfecting Generosity, Ethics and PatiencePadmavajra200821/05/2009
The Perfection of Energy (Virya Paramita)Prajnadevi201117/06/2011
The Perfection of Meditation - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 8Padmavajra202029/08/2020
The Perfection of Vigour - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 7Padmavajra202029/08/2020
The Perfection of Wisdom and Dedication - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 9 & 10Padmavajra202029/08/2020
Personal Reflections On Going ForthVarious201315/01/2013
Personal Reflections On MettaArvid Fonser201825/11/2018
A Personal Take On Metta PracticeJvalamalini201517/03/2015
A Personal Take On MuditaSanghaketu201521/03/2015
A Personal Take On the Sevenfold PujaAmarapuspa201628/07/2016
A Personal Take On UpekkhaRatnavandana201523/03/2015
A Personal Talk On the Bodhisattva IdealVidyamala200510/02/2010
Personal Talks On the Practice of the Buddhist PreceptsJak Maryam Ann201129/03/2011
A Personal Triratna Story, to Ordination and Just BeyondSuryadarshini201728/07/2017
The Philosophy of EmptinessNagapriya200918/09/2009
Pilgrimage and the Spiritual JourneyTaranita202019/08/2020
Pinghiya's Praises Of The Way To The BeyondVadanya200808/02/2013
Placing Ourselves At the Feet of the Buddha Q and A.Subhuti201528/03/2015
The Playboy, Grieving Men, and An Old CronePadmavajra200704/11/2014
Pleasure and HappinessRatnaguna201002/05/2010
Pleasure and the PathDharmashalin201731/07/2017
The Pleasures of the PathVajratara201506/07/2015
Plunging Into The Positive - Kshanti and ViryaSurata201120/09/2011
Poems On ImpermanenceAchala201203/12/2012
Poet Mimi Khalvati Interviewed by Maitreyabandhu and Vishvantara At Poetry EastMaitreyabandhu201030/06/2010
The Poet's WayManjusvara201002/09/2010
Poetry & the Spiritual LifeMaitreyabandhu201625/08/2016
Poetry and Devotion in Buddhism: the Sevenfold PujaSangharakshita196720/08/2006
Poetry and Spiritual LifeDharmavadana201024/05/2010
Poetry Collection LaunchAnanda201603/05/2016
Poetry East - Fiona SampsonMaitreyabandhu201323/04/2013
Poetry East - The Crumb RoadMaitreyabandhu201304/10/2013
Poetry East with Alex DanchevMaitreyabandhu201604/07/2016
Poetry, Soulmaking and MeditationParamananda201002/12/2010
The Point of FreedomPrajnamati201703/06/2017
The Point of No ReturnSuryagupta201604/07/2016
Positive EmotionVadanya200710/08/2012
Positive Emotion - Skilled ActionMaitreyabandhu201312/05/2013
Positive Emotion Day 1 Session 1Vessantara201510/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 1 Session 2Vessantara201510/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 2 Session 1Vessantara201510/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 2 Session 2Vessantara201510/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 2 Session 3Vessantara201510/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 2 Session 4Vessantara201510/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 3 Session 1Vessantara201511/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 3 Session 2Vessantara201511/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 3 Session 3Vessantara201511/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 3 Session 4Vessantara201511/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 4 Session 1Vessantara201511/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 4 Session 2Vessantara201511/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 4 Session 3Vessantara201511/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 4 Session 4Vessantara201511/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 5 Session 1Vessantara201511/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 5 Session 2Vessantara201511/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 5 Session 3Vessantara201511/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 6 Session 1Vessantara201511/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 6 Session 2Vessantara201511/03/2015
Positive Emotion Day 7 Closing SessionVessantara201511/03/2015
Positive SpiralsDharmamayi202023/04/2020
The Possibility Of PracticeAmaragita201528/09/2015
Post-Ordination - Dharmaprabha and UpekshadhiDharmaprabha201515/01/2015
Power Mode and Love Mode in the Spiritual LifeSatyamuni201614/03/2016
The Power of CommunityParami201513/07/2015
The Power of DesireVadanya201924/07/2019
The Power of EmpathyVajrasara201002/09/2010
The Power of InitiationJnanavaca202027/02/2020
The Power of LovePadmavajra201305/11/2013
The Power of LoveChandana201704/07/2017
The Power of Love, the Love of PowerKulanandi201401/04/2014
The Power of the Archetypal RealmVajratara200722/08/2012
The Power of WordsAmarachandra201806/07/2018
Practice During Times of Chaos and UncertaintySunada201708/11/2017
Practice in Life, Marriage, Work and EthnicityViveka200916/06/2009
Practice of Contemplation of the Earth ElementSubhuti201924/04/2019
Practising Dying (Parinirvana Festival Day)Upeksaraja201213/02/2012
Praise and BlameVajradevi202029/05/2020
Prajna Jnanavaca202013/10/2020
Prajna - The Answer to OppressionSubhuti200917/12/2009
Prajna Locana - a Brief Visualisation and Introduction to Her QualitiesSudurjaya201509/05/2015
Prajna Pandaravasini - A Brief Introduction to Her QualitiesMahamani201508/06/2015
Pravilnaya RechAkasaraja201916/04/2019
A Prayer For His Return to His Native LandSubhuti201507/01/2015
Precious DemonsVajrapriya201629/12/2016
Precious Teachers - Part 1Sangharakshita200704/09/2011
Precious Teachers - Part 3Sangharakshita200704/09/2011
Precious Teachers - Part 4Sangharakshita200704/09/2011
Precious Teachers - Part 5Sangharakshita200704/09/2011
Precious Teachers Part 2Sangharakshita200704/09/2011
The Preciousness and Rarity of Human LifeDhammadinna200509/06/2009
The Preciousness of This BodySamantabhadri201605/04/2016
Preciousness of This Human BodySamantabhadri201504/01/2016
Prekrasnaya Mangovaya RoshaSaddhaloka202031/01/2020
Preparation For DeathKamalashila201225/11/2012
Presedential System; Questions and AnswersSubhuti201303/09/2013
Preserving the Flow of AdhistanaSubhuti201318/11/2013
The Principles of Ethics: Right ActionSangharakshita196822/09/2007
Principles of the Order Q and A Talk 2Subhuti201822/10/2018
Principles of the Order Q and A Talk 3Subhuti201822/10/2018
Principles of the Order Q and A Talk 4Subhuti201822/10/2018
Principles of the Order Talk 1Subhuti201824/10/2018
Principles of the Order Talk 2 (of 5)Subhuti201821/09/2018
Principles of the Order Talk 3 (of 5)Subhuti201821/09/2018
Principles of the Order Talk 4 (of 5)Subhuti201821/09/2018
Principles of the Order Talk 5 (of 5)Subhuti201821/09/2018
Problem of Groupism In SanghaLokamitra201303/09/2013
The Problem of Human RelationshipsSangharakshita197020/08/2006
Progression of Buddhism Into ChinaVadanya201424/04/2014
Prostration Practice - SangharamaSubhuti201918/02/2020
Prostration Practice Led by Dh.Subhuti-SangharamaSubhuti201902/03/2020
The Protectors of the DharmaSangharakshita197621/08/2006
Psycho-Spiritual Symbolism in the Tibetan Book of the DeadSangharakshita196719/08/2006
The Psychology of Buddhist RitualSangharakshita196820/08/2006
The Psychology of Spiritual DevelopmentSangharakshita196711/10/2007
Psychology, Buddhist and WesternVilasamani201509/10/2015
Puja and Mandala Offering (1)- SangharamaSubhuti202011/03/2020
Puja and Mandala Offering (2) - SangharamaSubhuti202011/03/2020
Puja and Mitra Ceremony - IBYC BodhgayaSubhuti202030/03/2020
Puja and the BodhicittaPadmavajra201913/01/2019
Puja As Vision and TransformationBhadra201612/05/2016
Puja At Caves - SangharamaSubhuti201903/03/2020
Puja to the Buddha drawn from the Pali CanonVajradevi201928/04/2019
Puja(3);Mandala Offering - SangharamaSubhuti202012/03/2020
Puja(4);Mandala Offering - SangharamaSubhuti202012/03/2020
Puja;Offering Mandala At Stupa - SangharamaSubhuti202010/03/2020
Pulling Back The VeilKusalamati201327/06/2013
Pure and Impure Buddhalands - Seeing the Jewel TreeTaranita201526/03/2015
Pure and Impure Buddhalands - This Very Place, the Lotus ParadiseTaranita201531/01/2015
The Pure Land and ImaginationRatnaguna201612/01/2016
Pure Land Buddhism and the Supra-Personal ForceRatnaguna201612/01/2016
Purification: Mano Niyama and Karma Niyama -SangharamaSubhuti202015/03/2020
Purna and the Perfumed Chamber - Stories From Early Sanskrit BuddhismVajratara201214/04/2012
The Purpose and Context of Mula Yogas - SangharamaSubhuti202015/03/2020