Perfect work comes from the unification of pure wisdom and pure deeds

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TitleSpeaker Year Uploaded
Gain & LossVajrapriya202011/06/2020
Gambhiranandi - Full Moon PujaGambhiranandi201530/08/2015
Game of ChessJnanavaca201512/01/2015
Gathering Wisdom While We May - The Opening of the Sangharakshita LibraryVidyadevi201504/02/2015
Gazing At the Bodhi Tree, Gratitude - Seven Weeks of EnlightenmentSubhuti200929/04/2010
Gazing at the Setting Sun - Amitabha and the Ordination MythDhammadinna200016/06/2009
Gazing In GratitudeSubhuti201605/04/2016
GBC AGM 2020 - the State of Our CommunityKuladharini202021/07/2020
GBC Rainy Season 2020Various202020/07/2020
GBC Rainy Season 2020Saddhanandi202020/07/2020
GBC Rainy Season 2020 On the 4 Right EffortsPasadini202020/07/2020
GBC Rainy Season 2020 On VajrapaniDassini202020/07/2020
GBC Rainy Season 2020 On ViryaSaddhanandi202020/07/2020
GBC Rainy Season 2020- On LazinessSaddhanandi202020/07/2020
GBC Rainy Season Retreat Launch 2020Saddhanandi202020/07/2020
Gemeinsam leben und arbeitenSangharakshita199912/11/2014
Gender and Sexuality In BuddhismRatnaprabha201114/06/2011
Gender, Leadership & the True IndividualMaitrivajri201722/05/2017
Gender, Leadership & the True IndividualMaitrivajri201412/09/2018
Generating Bodhi MindVajratara200909/06/2009
Generosity and GratitudeDharmaprabha201621/07/2016
The Gesture of FearlessnessVajratara200606/08/2012
Gesture of FearlessnessLokeshvara201028/09/2010
The Gesture of GenerosityVajratara200607/08/2012
The Gesture of MeditationVadanya200607/08/2012
Get Out of Your Head: How to Talk About Meditating In the BodySuryadarshini201925/04/2019
Getting Away From Prapanca, The Practical Applications of the Honeyball SuttaSubhuti201002/04/2010
Getting ItVidyadevi200024/03/2008
Getting Out of the WayRatnaghosha201627/07/2016
Getting RealArthavadin201220/03/2012
Getting to Know Sangharakshita During the Infancy of the Triratna Buddhist CommunityAbhaya201608/06/2016
Getting to know Urgyen Sangharakshita through his PoetryRatnaguna201804/03/2019
GFR Metta As a Path to Insight - Pre Tonglen ExerciseDayajoti201611/10/2016
Gift of a Garden In a WildernessAnanda201716/04/2017
Gift of a Golden NetSatyalila201716/04/2017
Gift of a Lotus-FlowerNandavajra201716/04/2017
The Gift of AwarenessVessantara202011/01/2021
Gift of Shepherds' Round-DanceBhadra201716/04/2017
The Gift RelationshipVaddhaka201513/01/2015
The Gift RelationshipVaddhaka201505/06/2015
The Gifts We Have Been Given By SangharakshitaVarious201813/02/2018
Giving Ourselves Completely to the Buddhas - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 2Padmavajra202023/04/2020
Giving Ourselves to the World: Spontaneous Compassionate ActivityDayanandi201121/04/2011
Giving Rise To The BodhicittaPadmavajra201119/09/2011
Giving Skilfully: Idealism vs Reality Vessantara202020/12/2020
Giving the Gift of the DharmaSaccanama200908/05/2009
Giving Up Asceticism and the Rose Apple TreeNagasiddhi202107/06/2021
Glimpses of EmptinessRatnavandana202026/02/2020
Glimpses of the Mythic Life of SangharakshitaPadmavajra200820/10/2009
Glimpses of VisionNityabodha200923/02/2011
The Glory of the Literary WorldSangharakshitaUnknown21/08/2006
Goa Talk (General Programme)Subhuti200423/08/2006
Goa Talk (Invited Programme)Subhuti200423/08/2006
The GoalRatnaghosha201424/08/2014
Going Beyond BlameMoksatara201914/04/2019
Going Beyond Capitalism - A Buddhist PerspectiveVaddhaka201402/06/2014
Going Beyond Secular Mindfulness - SonaSona201702/10/2017
Going Beyond Secular Mindfulness - VidyamalaVidyamala201702/10/2017
Going Deeper Into Life - Meditation InstructionMaitreyabandhu201313/05/2013
Going for RefugeSangharakshita196520/08/2006
Going For RefugeAchala201208/05/2012
Going For RefugeAkashadevi201720/01/2017
Going For RefugeRatnaghosha201724/11/2017
Going For RefugeArthapriya201802/03/2018
Going for RefugeViveka200602/10/2008
Going For Refuge - Reflecting On Our LivesSinghamati201916/06/2019
Going For Refuge - The Deepest RevolutionSurata201826/02/2018
Going For Refuge - What Gets In the Way?Maitrisara201916/06/2019
Going For Refuge An IntroductionPadmavajra200920/05/2010
Going for Refuge and Generating the Heart-Mind of EnlightenmentPadmavajra200821/05/2009
Going For Refuge and Karuna - 7 Weeks of EnlightenmentSubhuti200929/04/2010
Going For Refuge In a Time of FearPadmavajra202021/03/2020
Going For Refuge to the BuddhaVidhuma201301/12/2013
Going For Refuge to the DharmaDhammarati201301/12/2013
Going For Refuge to the SanghaNarottama201301/12/2013
Going For Refuge Week 1 - The Endless Round and the Point of FreedomSubhadramati201413/11/2014
Going For Refuge Week 4 - Refuges, False and TrueSubhadramati201411/12/2014
Going For Refuge Week 6 - The Three Jewels and the Esoteric RefugesJnanavaca201423/12/2014
Going For Refuge Week 7 - Levels of Going For RefugeSilapiya201524/12/2014
Going ForthMaitreyabandhu201411/12/2014
Going ForthNagasiddhi202107/06/2021
Going Forth - Two Talks From the Young Buddhists Day At PadmalokaBen Niblock and Saddhamani201415/03/2015
Going Forth And Going For Refuge (Triratna International Council 2019)Saddhaloka201902/09/2019
Going Forth and the Four SightsDhammadassin201305/02/2013
Going Forth In the Footsteps of the BuddhaKarunagita201922/05/2019
Going Into the Pale MistAnya Konefal201720/10/2017
The Good Friend - Buddha Day 2017Sudrishti201728/11/2018
Good Friends. Kalyana Mitrata In Early Buddhism and TodayRatnaprabha201304/10/2013
The Good, the Beautiful and the True - Buddhism and Western Philosophy SeminarSudarshini and Manjusiha201113/12/2011
Goodwill and HatredParaga201711/12/2017
Grabbing a FirebrandRatnaprabha200624/03/2008
Granting FearlessnessBodhinaga201903/07/2019
The Grateful DeadKamalagita201814/08/2018
Gratitude DiscussionVilasamani201607/03/2016
Gratitude to EveryoneKhemasuri200809/02/2013
Great Buddhists of the 20th CenturySangharakshita199520/08/2006
Great Compassion Penetrates Into the Marrow of the BonesDhammadinna200908/10/2009
Great DoubtPadmavajra200424/03/2008
Great Faith Great WisdomRatnaguna201611/05/2016
Great Faith, Great WisdomRatnaguna201412/05/2014
Great Faith, Great WisdomRatnaguna201424/08/2014
The Great Hidden Treasures of PadmasambhavaVadanya200806/03/2013
The Great LoveSuryagupta201712/09/2018
The Great Love - a Theme From the Vimalakirti NirdesaRatnaguna201329/05/2013
The Great Love and the GoddessPadmavajra200917/02/2009
Great Mother PrajnaparamitaMaitrivajri201918/05/2019
The Great Stages of the PathJnanavaca201013/07/2010
The Great Stages of the Path - Launch of the Year of Integration At the LBCJnanavaca201017/02/2011
Great Stages of the Spiritual PathPadmavajra201005/07/2012
The Great VictoryViryanaga201711/05/2017
The Great WayRatnaprabha201807/02/2018
The Great Work - Communicating the DharmaPadmavajra201326/04/2013
The Greater MandalaSubhadramati201203/09/2012
The Greater Mandala of Aesthetic AppreciationMaitreyabandhu201523/11/2015
The Greater Mandala of UselessnessVajrapriya201806/04/2018
The Greatest Victory - Talk 1Mahasraddha201110/02/2011
The Greatest Victory - Talk 2Padmavajra201110/02/2011
The Green Buddha and the Green ManSahajatara201825/07/2018
Green Nettle Eating YogiVadanya200707/02/2013
Green TaraTejasvini201723/05/2017
Green TaraCandraprabha201908/03/2019
Green Tara, my FriendTaravandana201930/04/2020
Green Tara, the Heart of Compassion (Winter Retreat Dec 2010)Dayaruci201016/02/2011
The Grey Rock Vajra Enclosure and Milarepa's First Meeting with RechungpaDhammadinna200526/01/2011
The GroundSaddhaloka201609/05/2016
The Group and the Spiritual CommunityParami201703/02/2017
Group ReviewDayajoti and Nagesvara202125/06/2021
Group ReviewDayajoti and Nagesvara202128/06/2021
Group, Individual, Spiritual CommunityVarious201922/02/2019
Growing the Spiritual CommunitySangharakshita200831/05/2008
Growing Very Deep Roots In the SkyKuladharini202101/04/2021
The Growth and Development of Triratna Buddhism in IndiaChandrabodhi201617/01/2017
The Growth of a Mahayana SutraSangharakshita197621/08/2006
The Guarding of Awareness (Bodhicaryavatara 3 of 6)Maitrisara201909/05/2019
A Guide to the DhyanasAmaraghosha201727/08/2017
Guided Buddhanusmrti At BodhgayaPurna201808/02/2018
Guided MeditationsPadmapriya201415/11/2014
Guided Metta_Metta and Insight Retreat 2015Saddhanandi201506/04/2016
Guru Stupa Ceremony (1) ;SangharamaSubhuti202022/03/2020
Guru Stupa Ceremony (2);SangharamaSubhuti202022/03/2020
Guru Stupa Ceremony (Part 2) - SangharamaSubhuti202020/03/2020
Guru Stupa Ceremony (part 1 ) :SangharamaSubhuti202019/03/2020
Guru Stupa Ceremony and Dedicating the Stupa to the Sangha - SangharamaSubhuti202010/03/2020
Guru Stupa Ceremony and Purifying Ground-SangharamaSubhuti201925/02/2020
Guru Stupa Ceremony(3); Placing the Tree of Life -SangharamaSubhuti201904/03/2020
Guru Stupa Ceremony(5);Dedicating Guru Stupa to Dhamma Jewel - SangharamaSubhuti202012/03/2020