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What Self, What World?

by Christopher Titmuss

Here is a talk by Christopher Titmuss from the wonderful Buddhafield project (their main summer festival), given amidst the drums and creative ferment that characterizes many Buddhafield events. Fittingly, this is a rallying cry for a socially and politically engaged Buddhism, based squarely on awareness of the Four Noble Truths and an active sense of empathy in our relationships with others. The key principles of the Buddha's teaching come to life in an entertaining and directly challenging series of reflections. It's also warmly funny and includes several great stories from Christopher's own long engagement in bringing the Dharma to the modern world.

Talk given at the Buddhafield Festival, Devon 2006

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1. Inner life - self and our view of the world (5:06) 
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2. Expanding our view and our world; 9/11 as an inner and outer event; hurt and extending trauma - life as environmental (3:03) 
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3. England as a warring nation; life as political; pseudo-democracy and the 'triple gem of the west' (3:15) 
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4. What we can commit ourselves to? The Four Noble Truths; return to Thailand; meeting the oppressed Karen people of Burma; giving love as attention - not feeling forgotten (4:52) 
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5. The Palestinian situation; being 'touched' and engaging; in front of the U.S. senate with Maha Goshananda (4:35) 
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6. Not just relying on the inner life to bring about change; self and other as not separate; with a swami in the Himalayas; labels and the nation state (6:01) 
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7. The Green Party's view - the futility of feeling helpless as an individual; Tony Benn on society and change; solidarity as people (3:06) 

Total running time: 29:58