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The Possibility Of Practice

by Amaragita

If a talk could ever be described as beautifully bracing, this is it! Amaragita brings a sharp-edged mind and a long-term perspective to the whole question of what practice is.

As you might expect, she also brings humour, warmth and kindness too, qualities that more than balance out the penetrating clarity and sometimes challenging questioning underpinning this exploration of the possibility of practice - for all and especially for those raising families at any stage of life.

Amaragita offers three principles for considering the possibilities of deepening into the Dharma in any situation, and they are are worth remembering - or as she says, remembering to remember! Great, gently radical words that are bold enough to imagine and even assume the possibility of a more compassionate future for all beings.

Talk given as part of the 2015 Mothers Retreat at Taraloka Retreat Centre for women.

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1. Karunagita - the sangha jewel; introducing Amaragita (5:21) 
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2. Amaragita - responding to the introduction, good friends (1:35) 
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3. Reconciling being a mother with spiritual practice; some historical perspective - attitudes to children (5:17) 
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4. It is not our job to make our children happy; lessons from the story of the Buddha (4:18) 
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5. Conceptualising conditions for practice; free time (1:60) 
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6. Supportive and empowering ways to think about practice as parents; moving beyond acceptance, control and security to conscious transformation - concentration, clarity, equanimity (1:47) 
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7. The principal, practice and skill of concentration (1:47) 
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8. The principal, practice and skill of clarity; untangling things; looking at what is a good mother (4:33) 
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9. The principal, practice and skill of equanimity - letting things be as they are; knowing what your practice is and rememberi (3:29) 
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10. Existence systems as an aid to remembering practice (2:14) 
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11. Intervening in the inherited paradigm of unconscious survival; practising for all beings (4:04) 

Total running time: 36:25