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What Good Are the Arts (with Book Launch)

by Maitreyabandhu (2015)

Maitreyabandhu has long been a champion of the Arts as a viable path of spiritual practice in the Buddhist context. And here is an unapologetic but nuanced - in many ways delightfully good humoured and cultured - look at why the Arts must be part of a wider perspective on life if they are to be any good to us.

Drawing on sources as diverse as John Carey and Wagner via Elizabeth Bishop and Hello Kitty, Maitreyabandhu illustrates why the Arts detached from the whole life - particularly ethical life - fall short of what we need to partake in their full potential for joy. A challenging but ultimately deeply sympathetic and human approach to the value of the Arts for anyone concerned with the place of aesthetic experience in relation to values.

Talk given at the Conscious Surrender to the Beautiful Order weekend, August 2015.