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Lokamitra and Subhuti In Conversation

by Lokamitra and Subhuti

An interview (in a rather noisy Indian restaurant!) from the end of the 2013 Order Convention in India with two pivotal figures in the Triratna Buddhist Order who have helped shape it and the wider community, east and west, since the late 1960s and early 1970s.

This conversation took place at the International Order Convention 2013 in Bodh Gaya, India.

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1. Introductions and the meaning of Lokamitra's and Subhuti's names (4:03) 
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2. Bhante (Urgyen Sangharakshita) and the Order (3:11) 
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3. Impressions of the 2013 Convention (3:14) 
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4. Thoughts on a united Order and Community (7:23) 
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5. The internet and a growing Order (4:32) 
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6. Work in India (5:56) 
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7. Dr Ambedkar's influence (3:21) 
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8. The future for Lokamitra and Subhuti (4:28) 
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9. Rejoicing in each other (6:12) 
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10. Rejoicing in Lokamitra and Subhuti (2:01) 

Total running time: 44:21