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Visions of Mahayana Buddhism

by Nagapriya

This is the fifth and final talk in a five-part series by Nagapriya exploring Mahayana Buddhism.

In this talk, Nagapriya introduces his new book, "Visions of Mahayana Buddhism." He first condenses the definition of Mahayana Buddhism from his earlier talks. He then describes the process of writing the book, why he felt it was needed, and how its structure serves to make the study of Mahayana Buddhism accessible.

Talk given at Manchester Buddhist Centre, 2009

This talk is part of the series Visions of Mahayana Buddhism.

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1. Introduction to talk and reading of an excerpt from Nagapriya's book “Visions of Mahayana Buddhism” (6:08) 
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2. Defining Mahayana Buddhism in simple terms (8:36) 
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3. Reasons for writing the book; the need for a book on the Mahayana that is easily approachable and covers a broad area (4:50) 
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4. The process of writing the book, and the difficulty of distilling and correlating all the various elements (4:57) 
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5. Overview of the book's structure; approaching the subject historically, in the context of the culture of the times (7:08) 
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6. Reading from Introduction to “Visions of Mahayana Buddhism” (6:44) 

Total running time: 38:23