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Mind and Mental Events (Subhuti 2001) - Talk 3

by Subhuti (2001)

Like the omnipresent mental events, the five object-determining mental events (viniyatas) are neither skilful nor unskilful in themselves. They are ways of getting more deeply involved, more clearly conscious of what is going on in our minds.

They are: interest (chanda); intensified interest which stays with its object (adhimoksa); inspection (or mindfulness or recollection) (smrti); intense concentration (samadhi); appreciative discrimination (prajna)

This whole schema is especially useful in meditation - at any time we can check which of these stages are present and where we can go next. It is interesting that prajna is the pinnacle of this process and points up the need to reflect in every meditation, especially at the end of our practice.

This talk is part of the series Mind and Mental Events (Subhuti 2001).