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Seeing with Insight - Dhammapada Verses 277 to 279

by Padmavajra

The fourth talk in Padmavjara's wonderful series on the Dhammapada, the most popular of early Buddhist texts. All of the Buddha's core teachings are here - held in heart and mind there's more than enough in the Dhammapada to take us as far in our practice as we can imagine, and then on beyond...

This material is intended for use with the Dharma Training Course for Mitras (see our 'Study' section, year three).

Talk recorded at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, 2007

This talk is part of the series The Dhammapada - the Buddha's Way of Truth.

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1. The famous verses on the three lakshanas (4:16) 
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2. All conditioned things are impermanent (8:52) 
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3. Seeing with Insight; a direct apprehension or waking up (6:54) 
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4. All conditioned things are painful (2:21) 
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5. Three kinds of suffering; suffering of suffering, suffering of change and suffering of conditioned existence (7:30) 
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6. Enlightenment - "Nirvana is the supreme bliss" (3:10) 
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7. All things are devoid of unchanging self-hood (4:30) 
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8. How to see not-self with Insight; prajna as aesthetic appreciation (6:54) 

Total running time: 44:27