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Building an Ethical Underworld - Lessons from the Mafia

by Khemasuri (2007)

And the award for best title of 2007 goes to: 'Building an Ethical Underworld - Lessons from the Mafia'... Ever wanted to know about ‘General Systems Theory’ - one of those subjects you always hear vague things about yet never quite know what it actually is? Ever wondered why we seem to love a good gangster? Well, then this talk is for you! And, groovy title aside, this happens to be an excellent and very full short talk on a growing area of contemporary Buddhist philosophical thought. This one requires a bit of concentration - but it pays off with Khemasuri's passionately argued case for embracing personal responsibility and community engagement as a way of effecting social change in our troubled world. Just like “going to the mattresses”. But in a good way…

Includes a question-and-answer session. Please note, the sound is a little punky in places.

Talk given at the Buddhafield Festival, Devon, 2007

Total running time: 0:38:52