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Dharmapala College - Pratitya Samutpada

by Various

The Dharmapala College and Dharmaduta study course are breaking new ground in facilitating a depth of critical Dharma engagement within the Western Buddhist Order and beyond. Here we have a sparkling array of guest speakers exploring one of the central teachings of the Buddha - that things arise and pass away in dependence upon conditions. Five very different short bursts of inquiry and inspiration – a great way to experiment with modes of thinking about the Buddha's teaching that challenge and refresh our own questing minds.

Please note that some noise artefacts can be heard occasionally on these talks due to a very poor original recording.

Talk given at the Western Buddhist Order National Order Weekend, Wymondham 2006

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1. Saramati: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - Introduction, An Experiment in Critical Dharma Enquiry (14:56) 
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2. Subhuti: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - How the Buddha Sees Things (14:42) 
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3. Sagaramati: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - the Pali Sources (19:05) 
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4. Saramati: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - Critical Buddhism in Japan (16:12) 
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5. Vajradarshini: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - Mutual Causality and Dependent Arising (20:12) 
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6. Padmavajra: Pratitya Samutpada (Conditioned Co-production) - the Mythic Dimension (14:34) 

Total running time: 1:39:41