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Anapanasati Retreat - Hinayana (Part 3)

by Viveka

Viveka's fresh and vibrant take on the traditional practice of anapanasati - mindfulness with breathing. Using the breath as a stabilizing presence, this series of meditations (including two fully-guided practices) is designed to help us discover the nature of reality itself by encouraging us to notice what is actually happening each moment in a direct and open way. Anapanasati is a complete path to awakening or enlightenment.

Please note that some small noise artefacts can be heard occasionally on these tracks due to a poor original recording.

Retreat recorded at Taraloka Retreat Centre, 2003

This talk is part of the series Anapanasati Retreat 2003.

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1. Introduction to vedana (Contemplations 7 and 8) (29:37) 
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2. More on vedana (Contemplations 7 and 8) (4:52) 
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3. Working at your own pace (11:01) 
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4. Vedana tetrad - feelings and emotions (Contemplations 5-8) (6:49) 
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5. Upekkha (equanimity) (2:57) 

Total running time: 55:16