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Tibetan Book the Dead: Talk 1 - The Six Bardos

by Padmavajra

This talk is the first in a set of eight on the Bardo Thodol or 'Tibetan Book of the Dead'. Padmavajra explores the great text that reveals the realms between death and new life, where anything is possible in the Bardo - the 'intermediate state'. This is also an excellent introduction to the recent history of the text itself as it has come into the West and influenced practitioners and cultural figures in many significant ways.

Overall, this is a challenging and insightful series looking at how a true classic of spiritual literature has relevance to our modern ways of living and dying.

Talk given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, winter retreat, 2005

This talk is part of the series Tibetan Book of the Dead (Bardo Thodol).

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1. The Root Verses of the Six Bardos; the public profile of the text; various translations and editions; origin of the name; influence - Carl Jung, Timothy Leary, Ted Hughes (6:08) 
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2. Traditional uses of the text - Nyingma; contents of the material - death, after death, rebirth, life; three themes - bardo, six realms of existence in Wheel of Life, Mandalas of the Five Buddha Families (2:58) 
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3. The terma/terton lineage; Karma Lingpa & Guru Rinpoche; terton tradition in Bhutan; Padma Lingpa (9:36) 
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4. A guidebook for the dead; Bardo Thodol - Great Liberation Through Hearing; the meaning of 'bardo' (5:11) 
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5. The six bardos - life, dreams, meditation (5:35) 
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6. The bardo of the moment of death (5:53) 
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7. The bardo of Reality (dharmata) (4:38) 
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8. The bardo of rebirth (3:24) 
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9. Padmavajra's personal response to instructions in the six bardos - the idea of experiencing bardos in one's life (4:40) 
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10. The bardo of life, an extraordinary opportunity (5:02) 

Total running time: 53:05