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Violence and Emptiness

by Suvarnaprabha

A short but sweet talk from San Francisco's very own Suvarnaprabha, in which she explores the Buddhist vision of compassion through her own experience of meditation and contact with inmates within the U.S. prison system. The talk was given in response to Chandrakirti's lines: "Like water in a waterwheel, helplessly we circle. I bow down to the compassion that arises for all beings." Moving stuff.

Talk given at the Western Buddhist Order Women's Convention, 2005

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1. Suvarnaprabha - poem by Jimmy Santiago Baca; a personal interest in violence (6:50) 
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2. Violence as resistance in meditation; compassion as not resisting experience (3:31) 
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3. Prisoners talking about self-perpetuating violence (2:09) 
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4. The vastness of compassion; the difficulty of talking about shunyata and compassion (2:42) 
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5. An anecdote about selflessness; quote from Shunryu Suzuki (2:50) 

Total running time: 18:02