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The Diamond Sutra - Taking Mind to its Limits: Talk 5

by Padmavajra

This is the fifth in a sparkling, wide-ranging, thoroughly comprehensive ten talk series by Padmavajra on 'The Diamond Sutra'. The subtleties of the sutra are beautifully brought forth here - with the Buddha's words on the nature of things and our perceptual situation left ringing for all to hear...

Talks given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, 2004

This talk is part of the series The Diamond Sutra - Taking Mind to its Limits.

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1. Subhuti's concerns for the decline of the Dharma; Hindu and Japanese notions of decline; nostalgia (7:26) 
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2. Mixed aspects of the present and the past (7:17) 
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3. The Buddha's reply; good conduct, virtuous qualities, wisdom; our own potential (6:48) 
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4. One single thought of serene faith; not belief or catechism; prasada (pasada) - clear, quiet joy; recovering; Ekachitta - one mind, one heart (8:15) 
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5. All the Bodhisattvas are known by the Buddha; not the omniscient God - non-duality (4:12) 
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6. The Buddha's explanation; aids to meditation on self and other; dharmas as empty (6:01) 
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7. Forsaking dharmas and no dharmas - the parable of the raft applied to perceiving experience (2:60) 

Total running time: 42:59