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The Diamond Sutra - Taking Mind to its Limits: Talk 4

by Padmavajra

This is the fourth in a sparkling, wide-ranging, thoroughly comprehensive ten talk series by Padmavajra on 'The Diamond Sutra'. A fascinating take on the relationship between form and imagination acts as backdrop to a deeper consideration of several chapters. Topics range from the Vedas to the heights of Victorian artistic and aesthetic discourse - but, again, the sutra leads us beyond all boundaries...

Talks given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, 2004

This talk is part of the series The Diamond Sutra - Taking Mind to its Limits.

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1. Summary of chapters 1-4; reading of chapter 5 - Buddhahood and the 32 marks (3:32) 
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2. The possession of marks (lakshana sampad); Vedic myth - the cosmic man; the wheel-turning monarch; the Buddha's humanity (4:57) 
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3. The Buddha and his marks in the Pali Canon (2:45) 
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4. The Buddha's marks in the Mahayana; the Merit Body of the Buddha; other bodies (3:42) 
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5. How do we view and resonate with the ideal of Enlightenment? The person of the Buddha - personhood (3:13) 
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6. The effect of the Protestant Reformation on images; images of the Buddha; significant images (5:20) 
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7. Engaging imagination and emotion; visualisation - connection (4:29) 
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8. Looking deeply into the form of the Buddha; Ruskin on Apollo; entrances to the inconceivable (4:47) 
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9. The marks bounded by time, space and perception; doorways to the Dharmakaya - no marks as marks (2:03) 

Total running time: 34:48