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Understanding Karma and Buddhist Ethics

by Nagapriya

A good, pithy introduction (not to say quirky - check out the football references!) to the traditionally thorny and rather misunderstood area of karma and rebirth, teasing out its relationship to Buddhist ethics in general. Instant karma is yours...

Talk given in Manchester, 2003

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1. Introduction to the talk (3:14) 
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2. The principle of karma; what karma is not; pre-Buddhist Vedic tradition on karma; karma is not reincarnation (6:17) 
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3. What karma is; dependent origination; continuity and permanence; the 5 skandhas; Manchester Utd analogy for samskara (11:15) 
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4. Differences between Buddhist and Vedic views of karma; chetana - will; skilful and unskilful motivations; consequences (11:59) 
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5. The Six Realms of the Wheel of Life; the 'Glenn Hoddle' question - results of karma as indefinable; Nagasenas Milinda's questions; tendencies; what happens to the Enlightened after death? (13:02) 
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6. Questions - the animal realm; the Pretas - Hungry Ghosts; literalism; the God realms; belief in Buddhism (8:53) 

Total running time: 54:40