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The Sound of Reality

by Padmavajra

Fabulous stuff. This richly rewarding talk explores the place and function of sound in Buddhist practice and history, as well as within Padmavajra's own spiritual life. A wide-ranging cultural journey is made from John Coltrane to Sufi Qawwali, from mantra to Zen poetry, taking in Andre Gide, Renaissanace Neoplatonism and the ancient Pali Verses en route. Not to be missed!

Talk given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, 2004

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1. The doors of perception; guarding the gates; the senses as neutral and sources of wonder; Andre Gide's 'L'Immoraliste' (7:34) 
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2. The Buddha and Bahiya; 'pure sensing'; using the senses (4:19) 
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3. Personal experiences in sound; jazz and John Coltrane - 'Out of This World' (5:08) 
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4. Mantra; words aloud - Dharma talks; the Shravakas - Hearers; learning by heart (9:56) 
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5. What happens when we stop and listen? Three ways of being a Shravaka - the aspirational hearer; Neo-Platonism - Proclus on 'The Prayer of the Sunflower and the Prayer of the Lotus'; call and response (7:56) 
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6. Qawwali; the shrine at the tomb of Nizamudeen; expressing what is deepest within - singing a song; Shanti (5:36) 
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7. The wisdom hearer; Hakuin's poem of Awakening; sound, impermanence and insubstantiality; no arising; Han Shan (17th C) on solitary retreat - the Shurangama Sutra; vanishing into emptiness and silence (9:39) 
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8. The compassionate hearer - Avalokiteshavara; Bodhichitta as song; the Shurangama Sutra on OM MANI PADME HUM (6:17) 

Total running time: 56:25