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The Bliss Bestowing Hands of the True Individual

by Padmavajra

This is the last in an excellent 8-talk sequence by Padmavajra on Zen Buddhism. The series is full of colourful stories and challenging insights from the lives of the great Masters of China and Japan.

A great and fitting end to the series brings us to the final image from the Oxherding Pictures. Packed with poetry and typically robust Zen reflections, this talk makes sure we are left with a heightened sense of the present moment as our only ground of being.

Talk given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, 2004

This talk is part of the series Tangling Eyebrows with Zen Masters.

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1. On retreat - Ju Ching and the monks; 'The Four Cha'an Shouts' (2:24) 
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2. Chao Chu's Verses on the Great Awakening - broken-ness; Yuan Wu's commentary; little deaths and rebirths; the 8th Oxherding Picture - Bull and Man Both Forgotten (6:54) 
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3. Entering the Marketplace with Bliss Bestowing Hands (4:26) 
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4. The Bliss Bestowing Hands in the world; Master Yang Ki exhaling into darkness; environments for practice (6:03) 
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5. Lin Chi on 'environment'; Hakuin and the Samurai - hell and heaven; with Sanghasen in India (7:45) 
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6. Combat and challenge - realising the Truth for yourself; Kyo Gen and Issan - where do you go after death? (6:39) 
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7. Hakuin and Satsu; Hakuin's self-portrait (4:24) 
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8. Ryokan's poems (4:46) 
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9. So many ways to connect; Hakuin's death; Dogen's final days - grandmotherly compassion; Dogen's death verse (6:32) 
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10. You are only alive right now; Lin Chi and the True Man of No Rank (5:08) 

Total running time: 55:01