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The Buddha, Hakuin, Birth and Death

by Padmavajra

This is the second in an excellent 8-talk sequence by Padmavajra on Zen Buddhism. The series is full of colourful stories and challenging insights from the lives of the great Masters of China and Japan.

This talk takes us further into the strong experience of Going Forth into homelessness. Through personal reminiscence and classic Zen poetry that evokes a truly rich awareness, we see the Buddha, Hakuin, Dogen and Ryokan as they struggle to make sense of this fleeting world of form.

Talk given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, 2004

This talk is part of the series Tangling Eyebrows with Zen Masters.

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1. The death of Dharmarakshita; the life of the Buddha - conditions for spiritual life (7:23) 
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2. Noticing sickness, old age and death; the end of intoxication; the beginning of deep awareness (5:40) 
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3. To Go Forth - under the sky; different values; no easy answers; asceticism; spiritual crisis (7:16) 
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4. Hakuin - early life; wandering (5:47) 
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5. The story of Yen Tu's shout; Hakuin loses faith; Master Bao's calligraphy school (5:13) 
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6. What are we to do? Koan; Dogen's evocation of koan; the koan of other people; being torn (8:14) 
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7. What the Dharma gives in response; searching for the Unmade; Siddhartha's beginner's mind - coming back to original inspiration (5:27) 
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8. Words of three Zen Masters - Dogen, Hakuin, Ryokan (5:50) 

Total running time: 50:50