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Eight Verses for Training the Mind: Talk 3

by Subhuti (2004)

This is the third in a four-part series by Subhuti on the Tibetan text 'Eight Verses for Training the Mind' by Kadampa Geshe Langri Tangpa. Onwards we go into the fourth, fifth and sixth verses. - some of the most challenging and rewarding practices you're ever likely to encounter!

"When I see ill-natured people,

Overwhelmed by wrong deeds and pain,

May I cherish them as something rare,

As though I had found a treasure-trove."

"When someone out of envy does me wrong,

By insulting me and the like,

May I accept defeat

And offer victory to them."

"Even if someone whom I have helped

And in whom I have placed my hopes

Does great wrong by harming me,

May I see them as an excellent spiritual friend."

Talk given at Madhyamaloka, Birmingham, 2004

This talk is part of the series Eight Verses for Training the Mind.

Total running time: 0:46:20