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Rambles Around the Yogachara: Talk 3

by Subhuti

This is the third in a brilliant four-part series by Subhuti on the Yogachara school of Buddhist philosophy, which provides a comprehensive psychological overview of the workings of 'consciousness'. Part three: Death enters the scene... In the face of this, how can the mind see more clearly in this life? The Trisvabhava doctrine of Vasubandhu has a few things to say...

Please note, theses 'rambles' were given without notes and may contain quotational misrememberings and inevitable slips of the tongue!

Talk given at London Buddhist Centre, 2003

This talk is part of the series Rambles Around the Yogachara.

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1. The Alaya, a thorough summary - mind (manas) and understanding (14:06) 
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2. What about death? Changing the mind (manas) - habit and pliable consciousness (6:19) 
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3. More on the flexible mind; seeds and the Alaya; the paravritti - turning about; conditions for practice and ways of working (9:04) 
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4. The difference between Enlightenment and non-Enlightenement; trisvabhava - three 'own natures' (6:05) 
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5. Experience and understanding with regard to the Alaya; the paratantra; parikalpita to parinispanna; quirky Buddhist categories (6:15) 
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6. Parinispanna and the manas (mind) - the eight vijnanas and the five jnanas; progression and transition - Stream Entry; Enlightenment and particularity (7:03) 
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7. The trinisvabhava (three 'non-own-beings'); emptiness; Yogachara and Madhyamaka discourses; what is the point of thinking like this? (8:50) 
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8. Views of rebirth; death after Enlightenment (3:31) 

Total running time: 1:01:13