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Opening the Great Gates - Doorways to Liberation

by Kulaprabha (2002)

Here is a talk by Kulaprabha on the 'Vimokshas' - the 'Great Gates' to liberation of her title. It's a strongly felt attempt to celebrate the enormous transformative vision of the Buddha's Enlightenment and to honour the potential effect in our lives. But just what is it we're tring to achieve as we follow his lead? And how do we go about it? There is some solid Dharma in this exposition of a path to freedom from the shackles of a limited and limiting self'' - there's also a heartfelt searching that comes across, which is perhaps just as important. Oh, and we also get a small intervention from the ghost of George Harrison...

Please note that there are fluctuating sound levels occasionally on this talk due to a poor original recording.

Talk given at the Western Buddhist Order Women's National Order Weekend 2002