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Concepts, Symbol and Dharma as Sambhogakaya

by Guhyavajra (2001)

This is a rollicking talk by the indomitable Guhyavajra, given on Dharmachakrapravartana Day (the day commemorating the Buddha's first teaching). It was Guhyavajra's valedictory talk as member of a team helping men to prepare for ordination into the Western Buddhist Order - and you get the lot: irreverent anecdotes, serious conceptual Dharma, poetry, mystical evocation, Spice Girl jokes... A fitting testament to the complexity of the man but also the Order itself, which is revealed as a necessarily human and splendid "mess in progress".

Complete with an introduction and concluding remarks by Padmavajra.

Please note that some small noise artefacts can be heard occasionally on this talk due to a very poor original recording.

Talk given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, Going for Refuge Retreat 2001

Total running time: 1:26:29